Saturday, February 25, 2017


   Yes, "Shether", recorder over the beat of the infamous diss track track from Nas to Jay-Z, is a diss track itself written by Remy-Ma and directed at none other than Nicki Minaj. The anomaly that is "female rap" is never ending. It seems that there is very little room for women in Hip-Hop, and when there is she is usually surrounded by men backing her and molding her image. From The Bronx, New York, Remy Ma is one of the greatest women to touch a microphone and transition from underground to mainstream, yet her career took a pause when she was arrested for attempted murder. While in prison a Queens raised young woman by the name of Nicki Minaj took over that game with witty comical punch lines, over the top fashion choices, and feature after feature after feature which ultimately lead to the release of album Pink Friday which took her ever-growing fanbase and the world by storm. Having won the best female rap artist award at the BET awards every year for 6 years in a row, Nicki Minaj has no competition. Oh, and not to mention, she also has a gimmicky big fat ass, which may or may not be fake, however Remy covers all of that on "shETHER". Give it a listen here:

    A beef between two women in the rap game is inevitable, especially when they all claim to be "The Best". However this beef between Nicki and Remy begun years ago, circa 2007, when Remy was in prison, and Nicki stated on one her tracks that she is "taking the crown'. The song was recorded on a Terror Squad(Remy's team) beat and assumed to be directed at Remy. Nicki added no fuel to that fire until recently with two new verses, one on a Jason Derulo track and one with Gucci Mane, where it seems she must be taking the same shots at Remy Ma. Now, Remy is tired of it. She, as we say in New York, straight bodied Nicki Minaj on this track. Rap beefs have really died down in the 2010's decade and we have not issues blow up quite like this between two MC's in quite sometime. This is the diss track heard around the world, taking everybody by storm. Reportedly Remy plans on dropping another, We'll see.

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