Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The return of #OoTW

     Upon starting this blog I posted regular Outfit of the Week posts. WIth this post I declare the return of #OoTW. I recently realize that I wear cute outfits that people need to see. So, please be on the look out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#HIPolitics 10/20 !

     I bring this week's episode of HIPolotics. Hip-Hopin' and politic'n. If you're unfamiliar with the show, that's probably because it's brand new. Basically my intern, Sore' (, and I talk about social issues whether nationally or locally in news and entertainment. This episode was a very chill show about hip-hop poetry and how to make a difference.

    To listen to HIPolitics, you can tune in on Monday Mornings at 11am.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet Tangina P. Stone !

     This blog post is well, well, WELL overdue. Tangina is a friend of mine I met a couple years ago in an evening writing class, and in random conversation I learned so much about her . She is a singer, songwriter, and beautiful musician who's first EP "The Fall" was released earlier this year. Having seen her perform a few tracks at the EP official release event I had to listen. I immediately enjoyed her music and always look forward to hearing more from her.
    Recently, what seems to be the first single off of "The Fall", "Suntan" was featured on VH1, played during "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood". Having been reminded of that track I gave the EP another listen and haven't stopped since. The single is featured on as well as and you can listen to the entire EP on Gina's SoundCloud page.

    "The Fall" is a melodic collection of stories, beats, and Tangina's softly soulful voice. Suntan is certainly a standout track along with the more upbeat remix. However my favorite is "Reasons" a love song, ode, musical poem. This entire project is new, refreshing, and overall impressive. I recommend everyone give "The Fall" a listen and also keep up with Tangina for more music, shows, and appearances:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Headwrap tutorial !

I've been meaning to post a new headwrap tutorial for the past month now and finally here it is. I bring you: the top bun:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SNL Skit: Whites

     In this new SNL skit white people in America are making fun of White people in America and "White Dominance" in a funny light hearted way. This was hilarious to me. When I see strongly written angry comments I can only think "It's only racist if you are". Here's the clip:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Return of Paint and Poetry !

     Paint and Poetry has been on a hiatus these past couple of months but last Saturday was the event return at the brand new IMAGE Gallery in Bushwick. Nothing can hold us back. The l've was alive in that room just as always. No matter if there are 20 people or 200 people in attendance Paint and Poetry is always enjoyable. Regular artists(poets and painters), Hosts, and even DJ returned creating a family vibe but what stole the show was the venue. Our previous home closing was not a night of sadness is was a night to look back on the greatness that ensued and to positively move, which is what we certainly did with this revival. Image Gallery is a beautiful space with track lights, blacks lights, mounted cameras, a large projection screen and an overall inviting atmosphere.
     This event brought both a great turn out in the physical space and digitally. If you missed out you can search the hashtag #Paintandpoetry just about anywhere and see the words, the paintings, the music, and the people. Here are photos from the evening by Werds of Art Photography:

For more information about Paint and Poetry visit: 
and for more photos:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"New Black" and That whole Raven-Symone thing

     A few months ago, Pharrell Williams made a statement while interviewing with Oprah and stated that he is "New Black". Claiming that Black is a mentality, and I guess so is oppression. Of course twitter or "Black Twitter" went crazy.
     You may have noticed a string of rants on the internet in the past couple of days involving Raven-Symone. Well She made a few problematic statements in an interview with Oprah. Well here's what she said:

     Raven seems to be saying one of the most hypocritical, post-racial, silly but common statements you hear now-a-days; that she is colorblind when it comes to race. What she really said was that she is "Colorless" which is pretty much the same thing and just as silly. Saying that we are all people and should be treated equal is beautiful but ignoring what separates us and pretending that there are no visible differences between certain people is not. What she is saying is that she does not see the difference between her and let's say, Jennifer Lawrence. YET society still does and Blacks are still discriminated against. So, in not acknowledging our differences she is also not acknowledging prejudice and racism in America.
     She is almost saying that she does not notice nor care about Police Brutality against Blacks, or Poverty, Non-Equal opportunity employers, Discrimination in Schools and work places, and pretty much racial inequality across the nation. She claims she does not know where her roots trace back to and does not care for labels, which is very much respectable BUT she is certainly not "colorless".
     She also does not want to be labeled based on her sexual orientation. But it just sounds like she doesn't identify with anything, which is strange. People who are Black and people who are "Queer" (or both) are being killed everyday because of who they are but pretty miss Raven-Symone is privileged enough to walk down whatever street she wants to walk down and hold hands with whoever she wants to hold hands with safely. Privilege allows blindness.
     While having this discussion with my family, my father asked "well what if a poor, or working class person makes this statement". My response was that they wouldn't, because if you are underprivileged, you are not allowed to be colorblind, you see exactly what separates you from others, you live it everyday.

We all describe things differently but Raven sounded really silly. Just really, really ignorant.


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