Monday, April 30, 2012

Paint and Poetry part 4!

    Paint and Poetry is a monthly event centralized around Visual art, Spoken Word/Poetry, and bringing artists together. Last month was my first time attending this event and it was amazing. As it was this month. I met a lot of new people, hung out with friends, and saw familiar faces from other poetry events I've attended. I also performed. You can get a taste of all the love and expression from April's event in this video(which includes full performances from me and other Dope artists):

Click here for info on all things Paint and Poetry:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dennis, Hook me up with some more of this whiskey!


     The newest track released by "Alternative Rap" artist KiD CuDi. The song seems to be his return to rap music. In February CuDi, alongside good friend and producer Dot Da Genius, released a rock album called WZRD. He did not rap at all on the album, pure singing. It was not a dramatic change for CuDi though, he's always made music with a slight rock and roll feel and he's also sang on plenty of track in the past. "Dennis, Hook me up with some more of this whiskey" does include him singing a bit along with rapping, which is just his style. He uses dialogue from the film "Attack the Block" as well as Barack Obama's voice saying "They didn't think I would do it, I told you I was gonna do it." That part seems beautiful to me; that he can use the president's voice to express how he feels about where he is in his career and naysayers so easily. Another aspect of the song which I love, is that the track itself(the instrumental) is one of CuDi's songs, off his second studio album, called "GHOST!" just played in reverse.

Blog Radar: Poet Problems!

    Yes, yes another Problem's tumblr blog. But this is one I can relate to greatly. I know it is bad to delve on negativity but its good to acknowledge negative things , accept, and sometimes laugh at them. Whats great about tumblr blogs like this is that they become a community. Everyone who follows the blog can obviously relate to each other. The blog allows users to of course reblog the problems they've experienced and share their problems. It shows that you're not the only one who goes through certain things, especially when it comes to something that a lot of people don't go through. It has just gotten started but I love this blog already. Check out Poet Problems of you;re a poet and share problems you've experienced.

No more Kiss.FM ??

 WRKS, Kiss FM at 98.7, will be no more: It is merging with WBLS and the merged station will broadcast under the WBLS call letters at 107.5.
    If you live in the New York City area, you may be familiar with the radio station 98.7 Kiss FM. It is a station geared towards black people which plays "Old school and today's R&B". Well Kiss FM is no more. It seems to have merged with similar "rival" station WBLS, according to THIS article.
    This upsets me greatly. I, myself, can be referred to as an Old Soul. Because of my Father and Grandmother I love Old School, Soul, and R&B music. Kiss FM was THAT station for a long time. At one point it was originally the station to tune to for Hip-Hop music. It has become my favorite station over the years. WBLS can easily be compared to kiss FM. They are both geared towards a black audience and both play Soul and R&B music. But WBLS plays more upbeat songs of genres such as New Jack Swing and House. I, personally prefer Kiss. But it seems, in the ongoing battle of Kiss FM VS. WBLS. WBLS prevails. The station has used the slogan "One family, One station" and will still play the music we love but still won't be Kiss FM.


     So, as some of ya'll know. Or probably don't know... I'M FILMING A DOCUMENTARY! It's going to document the lives of artists such as yourselves and at the same time challenge certain stereotypes and ideas people have about us. This is for anyone who has ever been personally victimized by the word hipster. We NEED your support in creating this film! How you may ask. Well DONATE. You can easily help us out by donating whatever you can to our Kickstarter page.

    The title is Don't Believe the Hype!: The story of the Modern day Bohemian.. I'm going to do full interviews with a few main people and then some random/group scenes so if you're interested you will definitely be in this film! I'm also gonna film some performances/open mics so let me know if anything. But, I don't start filiming until this summer so just let me know you you want to take part. We'll talk more ALSO I NEED ORIGINAL MUSIC! I don't want any copyright problems if I use other songs. So please get back to me on this.   I will be holding casting at Mariah's house in Richmond Hill, Queens. I'm going to ask a few questions about yourself and why you'd like to be apart of this. again PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP with any questions or WHATEVER.
  There will be another casting WEEK towards then end of May. Official filming starts in June and continues throughout the summer. I would love to have YOUR Support!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Outfit of the Week

   So, as I’ve stated before I LOVE cute/novelty t-shirts! I have a super Mario tank, a Snoopy tee, and others. Now I am showing off my Hershey’s kiss t-shirt. This is a shirt I cannot wear with a sweater or jacket because the image just HAS to be shown. Today was the perfect to wear this look because the temperature went up to 85 degrees. I wore my body-con skirt to make the look cute and girly. I feel that every girl needs at least one bodycon/bandaid skirt as part of their wardrobe. i end this look with the sneakers which make the outfit casual and comfortable. This is certainly an outfit I would wear again.

Tupac back!

   Like I said in my previous post this last weekend was Coachella. A really big music festival. On Sunday there was a whole West Coast performance in which they resurrected Tupac Shakur. Well, not really. There was a hologram of Tupac on stage singing and dancing alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. There were a lot of mixed reactions about this based on many things, which could be expected. Personally, I loved the idea. I feel that Tupac's spirit was on stage and that it is beautiful that we can use technology to express the truth that Tupac's art will live on forever.

What did you guys think?

Childish Gambino

    Your new favorite rapper. Donald Glover is a writer, comedian, actor, and rapper by the name of Childish Gambino. He's put out lots of music in the past 2 years and released his first studio album, Camp, a few months ago. He is great at everything he does and is truly blessed to have been a triple threat all at one time! (rapping, acting, doing stand-up). I am a big fan of his. This past weekend he had a cocert at Coachella which is a very big annual music festival held in California. Tons of artists perform there and millions of fans come out to see these concerts. The concerts were all over the internet. almost instantly, for those who weren't there(like me =/). Here's Childish Gambino's set:

Childish Gambino (Live at Coachella, 2012) by coachellasets

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Accessories: Contemporary Negro

Image of Malcolm X Sweatshirt
Well, CN is another online shop. Dedicated to the remembering the history of Black people and representing our culture. They sell different accessories, clothing, and medallions.I stumbled across while googling the meaning behind the colors red, black, and green. I found a full description on CN's blog and a link to the online shop. I am some what of a shopaholic so I was immediately drawn to it. I have NO regrets. I saw a photo I recognized form tumblr of a crew neck sweatshirt. So you know my reaction was "HEYYYY =D"

            I then saw a bunch of buttons and had to buy at least one. So I bought the Rosa Parks button. I love this button for so many reasons. I am remembering my history and the struggle. and being that it is Rosa Parks it represents womanhood. See, I just covered two months! Well, all jokes aside. Contemporary Negro is a wonderful site. If you like what I've showed you then certainly check it out and buy something.


14th annual NYC Teen Poetry Slam Finals

   Over 500 teen poets across the city have competed in preliminary and semi-final rounds to make to finals in the hope of being apart of the slam team to represent New York City at the Brave New Voices competition in California. 24 poets made it to the grand slam finals event, which was held at the world famous Apollo theater. 10 poets made it to the second round and 6 poets won/made up the slam team. The night was great. Everyone gave their all and I kinda felt sorry for the judges. It was certainly a hard decision but they made the right choice. I am proud of all 6 poets and they all deserve it. Here I have a little bit of footage i got of the night. Ashley August's performance and the announcement of the winners.:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


     Kendrick Lamar. Up and coming rap artists. Some say he reminds them of Tupac or Nas. For certain reasons I can agree with that but Kendrick is certainly his own artist, his own person, with his own stories to tell. I really love this song. I listen to it everyday. Although I can't necessarily out into words it's true meaning. What I love is the hook "So get those slave ships, build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs". That line has  Listen for yourself. Then listen to it again. Then listen to it again. Then listen to everything Kendrick Lamar you can get your hands on if you haven't already. You won't regret it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


  The "N" word. Nigga. Nigger. The word that you just DON'T SAY. Not in my house anyway.

4 sale  Well my friend, poet, dancer, singer, artist, Dope human being, who goes by the name of Kid Love has taken the word and created an acronym which totally flips the meaning behind the term and shoves it down the throats of those who have used it negatively. No Individual Gets Great Alone. When I first saw it I did get little excited like "omg, he's started a new revolution. There is no justice there's JUST US." But seriously, This could not make anymore sense. This mantra is about unity and sticking together. It represents the fact that we are brothers and sisters and there are many things that we cannot overcome without unity. The message is that it is time for all of us to come together and make a change. Kid has created and is selling t-shirts. Contrary to most believe, these shirts are not race-specific. If they were, that would defeat the purpose. Anyone can wear an N.I.G.G.A. and believe in what it stands for.

No Individual Gets Great Alone 
Photo Taken By

A day in the life of my Debut 
Photo Taken By

I love these t-shirts and not even because of the message but the design is great as well. I can't wait to get one of my own. You can purchase one of these shirts by contacting Kid at They are soon to be available online


    Instagram is a cellphone app which allows users to take, edit, and upload photos instantly and easily. You create an account and are able to follow friends/gain followers. Its like a microblog platform, strictly for photos. The app was originally exclusive to iPhone and iTouch users but is now available on Android phones. I downloaded it on my phone and I love it. The android app, however, is limited in how you can edit photos.

    Here are a few photos I've taken and uploaded using instagram:

Typical Kearah

Mp3 player from '06

on the train

my buttons

Is instagram pointless or useful? Decide for yourself

Sunday, April 1, 2012


    For some people the first day of April is the April Fools day, for other people it's just April 1st, but for poets it's the first day of National Poetry month. During this month, some of us do a challenge which is to write 30 poems for 30 days (hence 30/30). I've already gotten started, with two poems!. I plan on doing this challenge. But I don't think I'll post any of my poems online. If I do you'll see them on my poetry blog. But, for anyone else who wants to do the challenge but may have some difficulty here's 101 Writing Prompts to inspire you! The article lists and explain 101 ideas for you to write about.


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