Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

   Halloween is my birthday and today I am 19 years old! Not only is it my birthday but it is also my favorite holiday.  This Halloween my costume and this weeks Outfit of the week  is “Vampire”. This can be worn on other occasions but isn’t my normal style. I went for, and achieved, the whole sexy/goth look.The rain jacket was a birthday gift last year and I bought the boots for $7 in a yard sale! The only item that I purchased specifically for this outfit was the corset top from Charlotte Russe. I bought the jeans months ago from Trash and Vaudeville on sale for $25! Everything simply came together. Happy Halloween!.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Radar!

  This blog is for all people with the skin condition: Eczema.The term eczema is broadly applied to a range of persistent skin conditions. These include dryness and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin edema (swelling), itching, dryness, and more. Scratching may result in scarring and may enlarge the rash.
   Not only is Eczema an annoying condition to have but it can also harm one's self esteem. The rashes are not pretty and one may not want to reveal there skin to others. It takes over your mind. knowing that you have a rash, wanting to scratch it, and knowing that others may see it. It becomes difficult to want to be close to anyone, while having this condition.
  Living with Eczema is a blog that brings together all people with Eczema. It does this by allowing followers to (anonymously) submit confessions and testimonies about Living with eczema(hence the title). This blog promotes beauty and self love, which is always important. I've always had eczema but it hasn't been apparent in years, well up until about a week ago. I started scratching the back of my neck, showed my mom and she said my eczema is back. I started to freak out a bit. But then I found this blog and was reassured: "No matter what, don't forget, You Are Beautiful!"

Zig-Zag Manicure

  For the past month I've been more interested in nail art than ever before. You've probably noticed based on a few of my posts. This time I've created my own design which I call the Zig-Zag manicure. This design was inspired by The explosion design seen here.

  First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of step-by-step video/photographs in this post. I will just talk you through it and hopefully that will be helpful. :)

  • 2 regular nail polishes of two different colors.
  • 1 detailing nail polish
  • Clear nail polish
  • Tape (preferably clear tape)
  • Scissors

  1. Cut your tape into small rectangular strips. (about 20-30)
  2. Paint your nails with your first color. You can choose any colors, this is what is aesthetically pleasing to you. I went with light beige so that it is simple and that my second color pops. Let dry.
  3. Place 2-3 strips of tape on to each of your nails so that the revealed (top parts) of your nails are a mountainous shape.
  4. Paint over your nails with second color. Let dry
  5. Use detailing nail polish and paint a thin line along the tape. Let dry
  6. Remove strips of tape off all nails.
  7. Paint over nails completely with clear nail polish.
And here is the final result:

Friday, October 21, 2011

10 day all about me challenge

Day 5: Discuss how you feel about homosexuals.


Quick question

If we're not supposed to use contractions, WHY WERE THEY TAUGHT TO US?
   In college essays we're not supposed use words like "don't" or "Can't" we're supposed to fully write the words out like "can not" and "do not". The thing is contractions are taught to us in elementary school. We use them all throughout middle school and high school. Then we get to college and are told that we are wrong. Contractions are improper. So why do they even exist? Why did we learn them in school? No one is prepared for college after graduating high school.

My opinion on Rihanna's "We found love" video

Rihanna released her music video for her lastest sinlge "We found love" on Wednesday. The song if from her album "Talk that talk" set to release November 22nd. Before you see my opinion about it watch the video.

Now here's my reaction:

Outfit of the week

Rih-Rih and a shirt turned cardigan.

     I wore this on Wednesday. As you can see I am obsessed with those boots. I'm also a big fan of Rihanna. This outfit as a whole is very cute to me. I feel that the pants make this edgy and different as compared to if I had worn jeans. It was raining that day so I had to wear boots as well as a sweater of some sort. This "cardigan" was once a shirt. I bought it from old navy about 4 years ago and it is meant to be button at all times. But over the years it became worn out to the point wear it is practically see-through and doesn't fit me as tightly as it once did. So now I wear it as a cardigan. You know what they say, renew/reuse/recycle!

You can tell a lot about me just by looking at my buttons

I bought more buttons for my denim vest

     The small ones that you cannot see very well are Michael Jackson and Bubbles the chimp, The Thriller single cover, and Lady GaGa (born this way era.) From these buttons you learn that I love hip-hop, I love Michael Jackson,  I love Lady GaGa, I love the 90's, I was born on October 31st(Halloween) 1992, That I have a Tumblr account, and that I am involved with Urban Word(which means I write).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quote of the week

Gentility is neither in birth, wealth, manner, nor fashion—but in the mind! A high sense of honor, a determination never to take a mean advantage of another, an adherence to truth, delicacy, and politeness toward those with whom we have dealings, are its essential characteristics.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

While in the mall I realized that I hate Urban Outfitters

 The EXTREMELY overpriced "Hipster-Store". Basically they re-create vintage clothes and make them too expensive. I saw and $80 (EIGHTY DOLLAR) sweater which I could get (one just like it) from any vintage store/thrift shop for 20 bucks or less.

   This sweater is similar to the one's I saw today for $80. Except I bought this sweater from a vintage store in east village for $25!! See what I mean?
 Not to mention I saw a see through tank top for $20. Don't get me wrong, the store sells very nice things, but COME. ON. I thought "maybe I should get one thing from there just cuz" but No. I will not conform.

A day at the mall

Queens Center Mall that is. To get free cupcakes from the crumbs that just opened there and next thing ya know we're on line to meet method man.
My sisters cookies and cream cupcake
The bag
my red velvet cupcake
   Then while walking around the mall with my little sister I see a sign advertising a meet and greet event with method man, Big Krit, and Smoke Dza in the Ecko store. Apparently they're on tour together, but I was only excited to see Method Man

Big Krit, Smoke Dza, Method Man

me and method man!!

the flier

their signatures, meth's is at the bottom

Friday, October 14, 2011

10 day all about me challenge

Day 4: Write your outlook on drugs and alcohol.
   Alcohol is poison. Too many people in my age group are convinced that they have to get drunk to have a good time and that''s horrible. Not saying that I will never drink alcohol but I will never get drunk/twisted/faded/zooted or anything other slang term, lol. That's just not cute. To black out and vomit is disgusting, for anyone at any age. Get your life together!
    As for drugs. Technically marijuana is drug and I feel it should be legalized. & Cigarettes are considered a drug and those are legal. As for anything else (unless for medical purposes) just say no!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trash and Vaudeville !

Probably one of the best stores ever. In the lower east side/east village part of Manhattan. It's on the famous St. Marks place which everyone in New York knows about. everyone get s their tattoos, piercings, and amazing clothes from that street! There are also good places to eat. Anyways, trash and vaudeville is the perfect punk rock/rocker store.  It's pretty expensive, but I have one pair of jeans from there. Heres and Mtv segment (whch i just found) about the store:

Get More: MTV Shows

The store owner (Jimmy Webb) is a great guy. He's really nice. lol

Let's talk about domestic violence

  Better yet lets talk about talking about domestic violence. Which is something people rarely do, I guess because it's personal. This was brought to my attention today in my politics class. today we had a guest speaker, Mr. Lumumba Bandele. Lumumba Akinwole-Bandele is a father, husband, author, university lecturer, deejay, concert producer and community organizer from Central Brooklyn. Today, Mr. Bandele had a discussion with the class all about politics and our community. We did a few exercises about our rights and learned a lot that we hadn't already known.
   The thing that stood out to me the most was that he said No one ever talks about domestic violence,. because it's personal. A few years ago a student of Medgar Evers College was shot three times by her own husband right outside of the school. The woman survived, but the matter was still overlooked in the community. Had it been a police officer who shot an innocent woman there would have been riots and marches all through crown heights.
  I wonder, why is domestic violence overlooked. Generally it's not much of a big deal. Of course supporters of most "big deals" are 75% people who "jumped on the band wagon" but still. So many other matters get so much hype behind them. As if people pick and choose the cause they want to fight. People pick and choose the cause that they want to talk about,  and blog about, and protest about. How can you discriminate whats right? We should all be fighting for one thing, justice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outfit of the week !

     I received a lot of compliments on my outfit today! Especially my tie. This look is classy, preppy, and cute. The top goes well with the jeans and the oxfords add an even more classy feel. Now, for the tie. Bow ties are really coming up as a trend lately, so of course I had to do it! I don’t know if I’ll be doing the bow tie thing again but I had to try it at least once :). I liked this look, but to be perfectly honest, I was not fully comfortable in it. It is a cute outfit and it did fit me well but it wasn’t me. This outfit doesn’t scream Kearah as much of my other outfits had. I don’t really know why but in fashion it’s ok to step outside of your comfort zone Just not too far outside.I’ve been meaning to wear this shirt for a while now and I finally did . Overall, this look was a success :).

My little sister just walked in a told me I look a little like Janelle Monae. I hadn't even realized, lol.

Crackel nail polish feedback!

Yet another follower has used the crackle nail polish and given me her take on it! Her name is Stephanie S. and here's what she had to say:

    I'm sitting in my room, waiting for my first color to dry, and then I'm going to attempt to do the crackle nail polish. I hope it comes out good, it is the first time I'm using it. Been doing my own nails for quite some I'm going to assume I know what I'm doing. Attached is a picture of how they came out, hope you enjoy...yes it's black and orange for Halloween this month :D Next week, I'm probably going to do something with pink to represent breast cancer awareness ths month as well loved your blog, good luck next time you try to do crackle nail polish. Not the best picture, but good enough, I think it came out pretty cool
Sincerely, Steph

  Thanks for your photo and support steph <3 I can't wait to see your other designs.
and To all my other readers you all can attempt at using crackle nail polish and please show me how they come out! Email me at a description on how you feel about the nail polish and attach a photo. Thank you. :)

Who will survive in America?

Us living as we do upside down.
And the new word to have is revolution.
People don’t even want to hear the preacher spill or spiel because God’s whole card has been thoroughly piqued.
And America is now blood and tears instead of milk and honey.
The youngsters who were programmed to continue fucking up woke up one night digging Paul Revere and Nat Turner as the good guys.
America stripped for bed and we had not all yet closed our eyes.
The signs of Truth were tattooed across our open ended vagina.
We learned to our amazement untold tale of scandal.
Two long centuries buried in the musty vault, hosed down daily with a gagging perfume.
America was a bastard the illegitimate daughter of the mother country whose legs were then spread around the world and a rapist known as freedom, free doom.
Democracy, liberty, and justice were revolutionary code names that preceded the bubbling bubbling bubbling bubbling bubbling in the mother country’s crotch.
What does Webster say about soul?
All I want is a good home and a wife and a children and some food to feed them every night.
After all is said and done build a new route to China if they’ll have you.
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?


Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
                                                                              - William James.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The 5th annual Restoration Rocks Music Festival in Brooklyn

   Presented by The Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and Lyricist Lounge. Here is basically a summary of the event:

& Here is Mos Def and the Brooklyn Philharmonic's Performance of their song "Revelations"

   As you can see by the video(s), I had FUN. The concert represented Brooklyn and all the positivity of Hip-Hop Music. It was All the way LIVE. Somewhere I needed to be. I enjoyed myself from beginning to end. Here are a few photos I took.

the banner

mos def !!



me and aliyyaa

"For the millions" poem performed at restoration rocks music festival 2011

Yesterday was the 5th annual Restoration Rocks Music Festival in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. The festival was started off with a black history performance/remembrance of slavery. This poem, "For the millions" written by Abiodun Oyewole, was performed by Restoration plaza's dance company. Incase the video isn't clear, here is the full poem:
    For the millions of Africans chained to the slaves ships. For the millions of scars on the faces by the bullwhip. For the millions who jumped overboard for the blood that poured on the shores of North America, South America, Central America, Europe, and each ripple in the ocean is a grave of a African who refused to a be a slave. For the millions who cut the cane picked the cotton whose names have been forgotten whose flesh has rotted with the trees they hungs us from cut out our tongues cut off our hands if we played the drums. For the millions who were shot, hung, beat to death, tar and feathered, boiled in oil, whiplashed, backlashed, crocasacked, and thrown in the river castrated mis-educated segregated intergrated legislated by the constipated by the constipated. . . (See more here)

Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Day All about me challenge

Day 3: Create a list of your favorite things to do when you’re off from school.

  1. Blog
  2. Watch television
  3. Eat

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newspaper print Nails!

    I don't know if I have a new obsession with nails but I saw this technique in a YouTube video and decided to try it out. Heres the video:

and Here's how my nails came out:

    My nails came out a little messy, but believe me they always do. Lol. I like this technique though. I couldn't find a light grey color so I used an off-white shade of nail polish called "bare beige". I think this design is extremely creative, and extremely easy! It's something you rarely see, which is what we all try to do. You want to be unique from head to toe, I know I do. Newspaper print on your nails has to be the number 1 "Why didn't I think of that?!" design. Well now you know of it. I highly recommend every girl to try this, well if you want to. Even if you don't do your nails often or if you're not very good at painting nails, try it. This is so simple! Just follow the instructions exactly. If you attempt at this design yourselves, feel free to let me know, it might come out better than mine :). 

Check out more nail ideas on the YouTube channel:

Also check out Cute Polish' Facebook page

My Outfit for today.

I already have an outfit for this week, but here's what I wore today:

I think Every man should hit the gym and go to school

They'll be strong (muscular) and smart. they'll be able to get good jobs and protect and provide, as a good man should.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Show me your nails!

This time no crackle. A friend of mine from high school emailed a photo and description of what she did to her nails. How did she do this?, you may ask. Well here's the secret. They're press on nails! Here's what Stacie said:

 "I was looking for nail polish remover and I saw these :') I cut them down to my real nails because I hate long nails. I can literally do anything its like my real nails plus the nail polish doesn't come off. They last like 5x better than putting on nail polish and if you cut them down where they are your nail length there 10x better than tips done at the nail salon. I suggest you just buy the glue on's and a nail filer ;') pick a pretty pattern {not French; you'll be cutting it down} like zebra or poke dots and have fun. Mine have been on for a week and they haven't fallen off, nothing. Nails still neat ;')"

 Though I am still doing the whole crackle nail polish thing, I like what she did. If you have done anything really creative with your nails show me! Email me at

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Day Thought Provocation Challenge

[Day 10]: Do you see to believe or believe to see?
   I'm one of those visual people. I have to see to believe. Plain and simple.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Who you are- Jessi J

I LOVE this song and, at times, I need to hear this. Just wanted to share this with you guys. Also Jessie J. is an amazing artist.

Outfit of the week!

     I’ve worn each of these items atleast once before and they’re all my favorites! Not to mention, they’re all essentials. A cute tank top, a body-con skirt, a jean jacket, and chucks. This outfit is cute and simple, it’s girly as well as spunky. I urge everyone to re-create this!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crackle Nail Polish Feedback!

   About a month ago I posted about the Crackle Nail polish (Here). I also asked you guys to email me photos and tell me a little about your experience with the nail polish.

Well one of  my Followers Samantha L. did and here's what she had to say! :

Snapshot_20110924_2.JPG   "Both colors are on a white basecoat...the blue crackle is opi brand and the pink is sally henson...the blue just puts lines across the nail from top to bottom and the pink does more of the tip is one make sure that your basecoat is completely dry before applying the crackle...and secondly the thicker the crackle the less crackle you get...btw love your blog :)"

I'd like to thank Samantha! & to everyone else out there Show me your nails as well!! I really want to see how this stuff varies. Email me at

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 day all about me challenge

Day 2: Write five things that not many people know about you.
hmmmm this is tough. But I guess it would be 5 things which I haven't blogged or posted about.

  1. My middle name is Neresta
  2. I used to bite my nails
  3. If I was to get married the song my husband and I would slow dance to will be "Lady of my life" by Michael Jackson
  4. I may be considered and "old soul" because I love old school R&B and Motown. My favorite radio station is Kiss FM
  5. I LOVE fashion. Oh wait, I'm pretty sure people can assume that lol

I used to think people making their own music and trying to become hip-hop artists was cool but now it's too much

There were up and coming rappers in my high school, Up and coming rappers in my college, I have up and coming rappers as friends on Facebook, up and coming rappers follow me on Twitter, up and coming rappers follow me on Tumblr. They’re everywhere! Everyone’s trying to make it in the rap game. Find something else to do! I feel like half of them take the culture for granted. I’m not going to argue who’s better than who because art is about expressing ones self, but not every can do what Q-tip has done. What Common has done. What KanYe West is doing. Some people are just bandwagoners. Well the hip-hop bandwagon is full for 2011. Mainstream hip-hop already has no substance and now all these teenagers are trying to emulate that. Too many people are trying to be Lil Wayne instead of Public Enemy. I’m really not trying to bash anyone, but when is enough enough?


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