Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#HiPolitics episode 2 !

      As I posted last week, I have my own campus radio show entitled Hipolitics (Hip-Hop politics). A discussion based show on which I incorporate Hip-Hop music. This week's discussion was about none other than Tupac Shakur. This past weekend, September 13th, was the 18th anniversary of his passing. Not to mourn his death but to honor his life and legacy with music, soundbites, and discussion between myself and my intern, Sore'.

You can listen to the entire show here:

and catch it live on Mywbcr.com/
Mondays at 11am. Looking forward to next week !

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing #hiPolitics !

     As a Tv/R minor at Brooklyn College I now have my own campus radio show.
I call it "hiPolitics" (Like hip politics). Combining Hip-Hop music with political issues, using critical literacy to have discussions. We're talking about things that effect us racially, locally, on campus etc. and I always have music to play. Each week, Mondays 11am-12pm, I will have a guest artist come through and join in on that day's conversation.

     This past monday, Sept. 8th, was my first show. According social that say was also a nationwide boycott/protest called the Blackout. On this day Blacks across the country would protest by only supporting Black businesses to show that #BlackLivesMatter and we(as well as other POC) are just as important to this country as those who are more privileged, especially when it comes to this country's economy. My intern, Sore' and I spent the whole discussing why this is important and other Black Activism related topics in the media today. I also played a few songs that I felt were related.

You can tune in every Monday at 11am on Mywbcr.com. You can also call in a join the conversation at (718)951-4444.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sisterhood of Hip-Hop

      You may be aware of me as a Hip-Hop and as woman but I was once a reality-TV-Show-Watcher. I know, as a viewer, that these shows are created with a specific idea and plan. Reality TV is less than reality. So of course, upon seeing ad's for the newest Oxygen TV Show "Sisterhood of Hip-Hop" I was disappointed, as a woman in Hip-Hop.
     If you keep up with the "wives" or "women of..." type reality shows is the a sort of forced unity. A majority of casts do not know each other prior to production. So, clearly this concept was created in a board room, maybe several board room and meetings with an idea in mind. A currently;y very popular reality show is Vh1's "Love and Hip-Hop" showcase hip-hop music starts and drama in their relationships. Now, that show is presumably fake and thrives off of the fighting and feuds between the cast of the show. The feuds and rivalries are real but are also fueled by the show. Other shows like The Real Housewives franchise and the Basketball Wives franchise put these women together and make it seem like they're a circle of friends, even if they aren't. There's an annual vacation they all go on together, there are always outings, dinners, and parties where drama erupts. It seems that it is contractual for these women to attend these events together; in reality most people would not spend time with someone they would not like.
This new show seems like it's going to represent a fabricated sisterhood in Hip-Hop. It is good to showcase positivity in realms that we expect negativity from, women being friends with each other and hip-hop. But something like that should be built and created in reality, not made up for a camera.

     Personally, I barely keep with television now-a-days. Especially reality shows, so even if I wanted to watch, I probably won't. I don't have many expectations for the show, you never know. It might blow up. It might be real, it might that outlet for the many young women in hip-hop across the world and those who I know personally.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Anti Date Rape Nail Polish?

While scrolling on Facebook I stumble across this photo:

     Now, this is very clever and scientifically incredible but nail polish is not going to stop rape. Plain and Simple. It victim blames in a way, making it seem that women should prepare to be drugged and potentially raped and if they don't wear this nail polish and test every drink they drink in a club/night bar, they've made a mistake. It immediately struck me as odd. We need men to stop raping, not a cute spy gadget for women to leave their houses in fear. On the contrary I totally understand how this can come in handy, this invention has clearly come sooner than the end of all rape everywhere, but it was promoted strangely. Not all date rapes happen with the use of a date rape drug, not all rapes are date rapes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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