Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Oscars and your everyday racism

Three of the most trending celebrity names from the evening: Patricia Arquette, John Legend, and Zendaya.

     Now to begin with Patricia Arquette. Upon receiving an Oscar for her role in "Boyhood" she ending her thank you's with a shout out to women across this country who are underpaid for the hard work. Statistics have proven that men do earn more than women and Patricia's statement calls for Equal pay.
Watch here:

     The problem is she does not seem to be standing up for other groups who are discriminated against in the work force like Blacks and Gays. She even makes a slippery slope kind of point stating "We have fought for everybody else's equal rights". Almost to say "enough of that Marriage equality or equal opportunity jazz, it's OUR turn" The OUR being White women. This is what is referred to as white feminism. White women fighting for equal rights but not acknowledging that they still reap the benefits of being white. It is clear that a white woman will be awarded equal pay before a queer, Black woman for example; that doesn't seem to be clear to Ms. Arquette.

Now moving on to John Legend. His collabo with Common "Glory" from the "Selma" soundtrack was awarded best original song. Watch here:

In his acceptance speech he stated "The struggle for justice is right now". "There are more men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850". Now there are people responding to this with the that fact there are more Black people in this country now than during the times of slavery, in terms of statistics and percentages. But why does that matter? All that matters is exactly what John legend said, we are the most incarcerated nation. The fight for freedom and justice is still alive and that needs to be acknowledged, not numbers. This speech is a tad funny because all of those white people who were jumping out of their seats for Patricia Arquette's speech had no reaction to John Legend's.

Closing with Ms. Zendaya.

     The 18 year old Disney kid decided to rock Loc Extensions for the evening. I've posted a how-to HERE. Personally as creator of I LOVE Box Braids I absolutely adore seeing celebrities wearing protective hairstyles. As far as hair goes I feel that the synthetic hair she used was very shiny, she should have went with human, and the burnt ends are tacky, whoever did her hair could have done the method I and so many others have used. Aside from that the style looked very nice on her and was beautifully done.
Giuliana Rancic of Fashion Police felt otherwise. Stating that Zendaya looks as if she smells of patchouli oil and weed. This is a direct prejudice o towards locs, and you know who has locs? Black people. This was immediately taken as an attack on Black hair, and Zendaya responded respectfully.

   It's kind of funny how Zendaya's statement in "defense" of her loc extensions is exactly why certain people didn't like the hairstyle when it started to get really popular a few years back. She says locs are a symbol of strength and beauty, yet hers are fake. Either way people are loving faux locs now-a-days and I totally support Zendaya's hair choice and response.

   Rancic soon apologized via E! News' youtube. In a kind way stated that she is sorry for perpetuating stereotypes. I don't care for this apology. The Fashion Police crew have always been shady and I don't think the offensive comments are going to stop. She is only apologizing because the internet called her racist. Basically. You can watch the apology video HERE.

The Game: #iamonestudent

This video is necessary, in terms of rape on college campuses and everywhere.  Find out more about "One Student" at their website


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