Wednesday, November 5, 2014

HIPolitics 11/3/14

     This week we discussed voting and that catcalling video:

   To start things off I encourage all of my listeners and readers to VOTE ! Last Thursday Urban Word and Lincoln Center crowned New York City's 2015 Youth Poet Laureate. To find out more please visit
   Moving on Sore' and I discussed the recent catcalling video gone viral. In this video a woman walks around NYC for ten hours while being filmed by a hidden camera in the bag of a man walking just a few steps ahead of her the whole time. According to I Hollaback, the non-profit organization created to end street harassment, they filmed 108 catcalls in that time.  Visit to learn more and support.
    Too many people, men especially are not understanding where the trouble here is and trying to excuse it. People are questioning what exactly cat calling is and what counts as harassment. Arguments like this skew away from what the issue actually is. The issue is men often make women feel uncomfortable while they are simply minding their businesses and walking down the street. Again you can hear my and my intern Sore` standpoint on this topic while listening to this airing of my show #HIPolitics above.
   Watch the interview we played and referred to here:

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