Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My AFROPUNK 2016 look!

  So my AP weekend started late Sunday afternoon but I managed to throw together this look. My outfit is an EcotĂ© flower print skirt and bralette set from Urban Outfitters(last summer). I complete the look with retro jelly shoes from strawberry, however from the neck up steals the show. Not very often do I wear makeup, but I beat my face for this day. With a cat eye, gold glitter around my eyes and highlighting my cheekbones, a mixture of lime crime Black Velvet and Polly matte lipsticks, and purple eyebrows. For my hair I did the 6 buns/bantu knots I posted about in this tutorial, topped with a gold headdress from, you guessed it, Urban Outfitters. My large Basquiat earrings, which I purchased at Afropunk fest 2012 from Rockers Closet, add to the fun extravagant style expression the festival always calls for. 

Photo by @nigerianrebel

photo by @nigerianrebel

     Now, for my experience. Deciding to attend the festival was very last minute but I still had intentions of having fun. I told my sister to get dressed, she threw on my sunflower skirt, a black crop top, and some jewelry and colorful makeup of her own. Our looks were coordinating and we were ready to go. We entered on the side just outside of the park where all the food trucks were and spent some time waiting on line for food. Once we got our food I noticed it was about 20 minutes until Janelle Monae's set on the main stage on the grass(the larger area). So we headed over there, and layed out our blanket to sit and eat. However, eating was interrupted by dancing while the DJ was playing a mix of classic as well as contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae. The park was flooded with beautiful Black people in african print, and colorful outfits, expressive hairstyles, flowers, abundant accessories and STYLE. The fashion at AP Fest never disappoints. The music never disappoints. Food trucks are great, but those prices are disappointing. But what threw me for a bit of a loop is that they switched the stage Janelle Monae would be performing on. My sister pointed out to me that hundreds of people were heading to the other side, I asked someone and found out that her stage had been switched and then she started her set, right on time. I just assumed they were behind schedule and had to make some last minute adjustments so that Monae's performance would be timely. However , this kid of mishap has happened at Afropunk before and I often hear that the festival is disorganized in various ways. It does not take away from the fun, but I hope Afropunk can work harder in the future to make sure that their audience and staff are all properly accommodated.

More from my look:

    I left the festival around 9pm to perform to an Afropunk Afterdark event at The Nuyorican Poet's CafĂ© featuring Rudy Francisco and Jasmine Mans. The show was opened with live music from the band "Low-key Nice" a collection of musicians who have played with Jasmine before. Then our host opened up the room and brought me to the stage to perform 3 poems. The night was as impressive as expected. Rudy and Jasmine went back and forth with two short sets each, of course there was music and the atmosphere was unforgettable. Though my Afropunk weekend only consisted of 6 hours of fun, It was very enjoyable.

Monday, August 15, 2016

New NoName !

   The artist formerly known as Noname Gypsy has finally given fans what we've been waiting 3 years for, a complete project or just more music. "Telefone" was made available for listeners just last week via Noname's soundcloud. We first met the young Chicago MC when she was a featured artist on Chance The Rapper's mixtape Acid Rap, on fan favorite "Lost".

   Her melodic flow, talent, and skill make her a threat to the rap game as well as a breath of fresh air. Noname is what is needed and very necessary right now. Long story short, she nice. "Telefone" is pushing this art forward, it's not too much and it is certainly not too little. Standout tracks include "Diddy Bop" ft. Raury and Cam O'bi, "All I Need", and "Bye Bye Baby".

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Outfit of the Week !

     This is one of my favorite looks. A slim Black body suit from Urban Outfitters paired with a flowy American Apparel sunflower skirt. I complete this look with some retro jelly shoes !

Monday, August 8, 2016


     After returning from the National Poetry Slam (#NPSDecatur) I am reminded of who I am and what I do. BLK GRL POET is not only a big part of my identity, but the name of my documentary short which I created last year as my senior thesis as part of the Brooklyn College Film Department. Every year they host a film festival, screening all student films completed in the Fall and Spring, and BLK GRL POET was honored with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Film Making.

     A spoken word driven look at the Black Lives Matter movement, with news, protest footage and voice over of my own original poetry; I bring you "BLK GRL POET"

BLK GRL POET from Kearah Armonie on Vimeo.

 Kearah-Armonie is a young Black Woman, growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Having taken part in several art forms, her current expression of choice is Spoken Word poetry. Here with BLK GRL POET we exhibit the state of the world today, the systemic racism and oppression on Black People in America all guided by Kearah's own Spoken word and recent protest footage. #BlackPoetsSpeakOut is a movement prompting Black poets to share their work preceded by the declaration: "My name is ___, I am a Black Poet and I will not remain silent as this nation continues to murder Black people, I have a right to be angry"(blackpoetsspeakout.tumblr.com/). As Nina Simone once stated "It is the Artist's duty...to reflect the times". Archival footage used in this film is solely for use as the object of Social, Political and/or Cultural Critique.


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