Sunday, January 20, 2013


    Yes, yes. Paint and Poetry has made it to one year(and counting)! Mojo Disco started this event last January as a step forward for all of us to come together and be better. Of course I had to take part, not only to blog about the event but to be reminded that we are great and that I am surrounded by talented people who have goals and share goals. It was all fun. The event was held at the spot which is like our new home 3rdEye(Sol)ation art gallery in Bushwick. My best friend(photographer) and I arrived at a great time. Right when the spot was filling up just before the show got started. The room was FILLED with young artists being themselves and enjoying themselves.

     Ashley 'Ajay' Johnson kicked off the performances with a piece and then brought out Ashley August  to perform. August just released her first chapbook under Ajay's publishing company More Performances included music AND spoken word from guitarist and singer Joey B. Rains of Sus.Life Ent., Spoken Word artist Malcolm Wicks, MC Chris Wise, and so much more. . The performances were so great, I overheard someone shout "I would've paid $20 for this!!". There was also plenty of time to mingle and chat with really great people
    Each month I am so thankful for Mojo putting this whole event together and bringing together people with similar interests, all different walks of life but common goals. It's rare for a bunch of strangers to come together and not have a fight break out(lol). Honestly though P&P has done such big things over the past year and will do so much more in the years to come.
    Now lets get to the photos. This event was also filled with photographers, videographers, and bloggers. Here is the moment as captured by my best friend Ali Esteem.

Ashley 'Ajay' Johnson

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solange: TRUE

    I know I'm late, but One of my idols Solange Knowles has released an EP entitled "True" November of 2012. I just started listening to this about a week ago and I am in love.

   The first single "Losing You" (which I posted about here) gave an overall idea of what this EP is all about. Each song can be interpreted as a love song but not your typical "I love you" "I want you back" or "F you, you did me wrong". These songs are truthful, hence the title "True". Each track has a similar retro feel to it, with the beats as well as Solange's soft melodic voice on each song.

     A few of the songs can be categorized as "Sad" but they all give an honest account of things that can happen in a relationship. For example on both "Lovers in the parking lot" and "Bad Girls (Verdine version) Solange admits to doing someone wrong in a relationship and understands why that person doesn't want anything to do with her. "and still I try to pull you into my own hurricane, it’s like you spot me trying from a thousand miles away". I can easily compare Solange's honesty on this EP with European singer Gotye's hit "Somebody that I used to know". This song became very popular in the U.S. over the summer of 2012. The song is almost like an argument between Gotye and featured artist Kimbra. Both singers tell their sides of the story and it's not as typical as most break-up songs.

     Other songs, of the 8, that stand out to me are "Somethings Never Seem to Fucking Work", "Sleep in the park", and "Don't let me down". "Somethings Never Seem to Fucking Work" is a reflection on a time when she was 17 and felt that she was in love but soon realized that somethings just don't work! "Don't let me down", similar to "Losing you", is a track on which she is professing her love to someone and hoping they feel the same way.
     What I like most about the track "Sleep in the Park" is that she is repeatedly saying we can't survive on love babe, she explains a relationship where its like they're both homeless and all they have is their love for each other. I imagine a really cute white room video, using animation, for this song. She'd be wearing a baby doll dress and all the images she gives us in the song will come to life.
Solange recently announced a brief True tour via her blog( with this photo.

click photo for info

     Unfortunately I will not be attending the concert when she comes to NYC, =[, but I know it will be wonderful. I am a huge fan of Solange and to hear new music from her after all this time is extremely exciting for me. Not to mention the EP is very impressive and she stayed true to her personal style. I recommend everyone listen to True.


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