Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marley Twists over starter Locs !

As you know, I started my locs 2 months ago. Now I've put them in Marley twists. Using two strands of Marley braid hair for each twist. Here's my tutorial:

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Friday, February 28, 2014

[HOW-TO] Yarn Twists !

       Last weekend I did a friends hair in Yarn twists she needed a protective style because she's going on vacation soon. The style took 9 hours to do and I used 3 bundles of yarn. Now, just like any other twists I've done these are pretty simple.


  • 3+ bundles of acrylic yarn
  • A comb
  • Hair oil/grease/lotion/etc.
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • A four legged-chair or step stool 
Make sure the hair is washed, conditioned, and moisturize before braiding. Cut the yarn by wrapping it around the legs of the chair(tying around one leg first to secure it) and keep wrapping, then cut when you feel/noticed you've wrapped too much, cut near to the leg where you tied the yarn. You will have to wrap/cut yarn several times. Moisturize the yarn before braiding with it.

  • Part hair the way you normally do as braiding
  • Take yarn and braid a section of hair as if you're doing a box braid
  • Braid down about 5 times(or to the end of hair depending on how long the person's hair is)
  • Begin twisting and twist to desired lenght
  • Tie 3-4 knots at the end of the twists
  • Cut excess yarn
  • Burn the ends.
  • Also: moisturize the person's scalp as you go along
End result:

You HAVE to use Acrylic yarn and Red Heart is the most recommended brand.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KiD CuDi presents SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon

     KiD CuDi pulled a Beyonce on us and released an album at midnight, no promo, no warning! CuDi announced that he would be dropping an ep soon as a pre-cursor to the highly anticipated Man on the Moon part 3, via twitter. But he did  not announce release dates or the fact that this would be an official album, until the day of. The album is now available on iTunes as of midnight Feb. 25th.

     Satellite Flight is an intensely gloomy intergalactic journey into the man on the moon's current mind state. Of Course he is not the same man who brought us Man on The Moon: The End of Day or Man on The Moon Part II: The Legend of Mr. Rager but the feeling is still what is to be expected. Personally as a CuDi fan I often do not consider his album WZRD, a partnership with longtime friend and producer Dot Da Genius with more a rock-sound, while thinking about this man's body of work. But He, some-how combined the alternative sound of WZRD with the message of the man on the moon series with Satellite Flight. He did exactly what he said he was going to, created that bridge and left fans' mouths watering for Man on the Moon part 3. I have been anticipating Part three since Part 2 dropped, but this new album will just have to keep me warm until late 2015(when MOTM3 is set to release). There should never be a "I miss the old CuDi" at this point. This is the artist we all feel in love with, this is the Man on The Moon.

     Now I haven't done this in a while but I have to get into a track by track breakdown, with my breif opinion and rating on a scale of 1-5.

Destination: Mother Moon- The first track, the instrumental introduction. Just under 2 minutes this track basically prepares the listener for the entire album. I can assume CuDi produced this track himself based on  work on his previous album, Indicud. 4.5

Going to the Ceremony- This track was released on CuDi's official soudcloud account[HERE] last summer. When I first listened, I was not impressed. To me it sounded like a track that didn't make it onto the WZRD album. It is very reminiscent of High off Life, the 2nd track on WZRD. 2

Satellite Flight- Yes, Yes, YES. This song reminds me so much of MOTM2. It sounds as if CuDI sampled/looped Don't Play This Song, the 3rd track on MOTM2 featuring Mary J. Blige. This song is perfect for the title track. The instrumental is infectious and overall this is very CuDi. If you don't like this album, you'll probably still like this song. My personal favorite. 5

Copernicus Landing- Another incredible instrumental from Wizard Cud. I have no idea what is happening. Instrumentals seem to be a hobby of his. With WZRD's "The Arrival", Indicud's "New York City Rage Fest" and of course the first track on this album, listeners are taken over by a vibe that needs no words. 4

Balmain Jeans- Excuse me

I need a minute


Okay, I'm good. Now. WHAT? This is the most freaky CuDi has gotten since "Whenever" on A KiD Named CuDi. This song is hypnotizing, sensual, and well.. very good. I was surprised yet impressed upon listening. The best part is our featured artist Raphael Saadiq. YES. Raphael Saadiq of Tony! Toni! Tone`! and all those car commercials is in the background of this track harmonizing and just perfecting this entire song. I LOVE it so much. So. Much. 5 (I really don't know if I like this more than Satellite flight though)

Too Bad I have to Destroy You Now- CuDi's mantra, his proof to all those haters that he will never stop doing what he's doing. This is another "King Wizard" another "Dennis, Hook me up with some more of that whiskey" even another "Ashin' Kusher". The first line and hook is "People talk shit bout me, deep down they knowing they ain't right. When I walk in the room, they can't look in my eyes". Basically ALL CuDi has BEEN saying. He isn't going anywhere! Of Course as a fan I support this message BUT I'm not a fan of this track. 3

Internal Bleeding- This song truly touched me. Of course CuDi has been categorized a sad rapper. His 'depression' is no secret. But goddamn. I can't really explain the beauty of this track. With a title that may be too gruesome to tell your mom while asked what music you're blasting so loud, this song is GREAT. This is definitely fighting it's way onto to my top 10 CuDi songs list but that's a tough list. 4

In My Dreams 2015- Stop, Stop, STOP. Is CuDi the first artist to perfect sampling his damn self?? This is another instrumental. It's starts with a warped sound bit of "You're in my dreams now...Welcome" from "In My Dreams(Cudder Anthem)" on MOTM: The End of Day. He did something similar to this on the first track MOTM2 "Scott Mescudi vs. The World". This is my least favorite instrumental of his but I can say, this man knows exactly what he's doing. 3.5

Return of The Moon Man- Exactly. Exactly. This title is Exactly what this is. With extreme instrumentation, it's a wonder why this wasn't this track does not appear earlier on the album. It sounds as if he is preparing to enter an arena. And makes me imagine what his upcoming show at the Barclay's center is going to be like. I feel I'm about to conquer the world, or the moon , or whatever. 4.5

Troubled Boy- This song makes me want to give CuDi a big hug, well so do all of his songs, but the entire mood isn't necessarily sad(although it is... sad) but very melancholy, very slow. I feel like it would be used in an indie film. Again he samples himself. Using a sound bite of him saying "No One" from "My world" off of his first album "Man on The Moon: The End of Day". This was clever and pretty much makes sense. He is literally saying that he still has no one just as he did 5 years ago when his first album came out. This track is an effective closing to this entire album. YET, it does not "WOW" listeners, or me anyway. 3

aaaaand There you have it!

     So, Like I said " KiD CuDi presents SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon" is an impressive project. I liked it, as a whole, more than I'd liked Indicud and more than I liked WZRD. I like that CuDi is getting more and more into his own production. It seems as if he has perfected the concept of good background music with all these instrumentals, but they work. I'm obviously still excited about MOTM3, but yes Satellite Flight is great. I suggest you give it a listen if you haven't already.

PS. CuDi is playing Coachella this year and now I'm even more excited to hear what his set will be.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[HOW TO] Nefertiti inspired headwrap!

A lot of friends have asked me and I'm sure many more people are wondering how I did my Erykah Badu/Nefertiti headwrap that I've been rockin recently.

    Well I made a tutorial here:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beauty of the Black Woman

Beauty of the Black Woman(BOTBW) is a photoblog which shares beautiful images of Black woman.
Every photo is taken by photographer Damion Reid.
I had a very successful shoot on Friday, here are the photos:

     My outfit is funky yet sophisticated. I bought the acid wash skinny jeans from a boutique in my neighborhood and the high-heeled sneaker boots are my all time fave. This whole is just my style 100%.

     More photos can be seen on the Facebook page as well as Reid's tumblr page.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year! New Video

     I haven't updated very often in the past few months but I had to make an end of year video. In this video I'm talking about how I wore my hair in 2013 and my goals for 2014.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Fashion show at FIT

   Just a few weeks ago I walked in a fashion show for the very first time! Modeling has always been a dream of mine but the opportunity has not easily presented itself. Until this one. I was on the train talking to my best friend about being approached by a model scout when a young woman sitting across from us over heard our conversation and asked me to walk for her. She gave me all of her information, I emailed her with my information and then I was ready to go.
   The big day, I arrived around at FIT around 3pm, met with the designer(Eva Mohrman)and the other models and headed backstage. Backstage was pretty hectic with models running around, lining up, running through, practicing fitting, hair & makeup. It was so fun. I chatted with a few other girls but before I knew it, it was time for eva's design's. My outfit was a long sleeved houndstooth crop-top and a red fur jacket which were both created beautifully. Here's Eva's video:

I didn't do my best but hey, now I have modeling experience.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Women of Color and Identity Conference:Detangling From the Root

     In our heads about our hair is a documentary film about Black women and the hair norms of society. The standard of beauty is long hair, the standard of beauty is hair that one can easily get a comb through. As most of my followers know my hair is natural and always has been, I support this "movement", and I run a blog all about box braids(a popular Black/Natural hair style).

     The screening of this film was apart of an entire conference held at Brooklyn college on November 20th. Guests were greeted in the hall with a sign-in sheet and free samples of hair products from Khamit Kinks. An audience of mostly women gathered and the event started with a panel discussion with three Brooklyn College students, women with natural who described their journeys and even battles embracing their own hair. One woman described how she kept her hair very short for years and although it has been natural she hasn't necessarily embraced it, another woman shared that she was in the military and her sergeant approached her saying that her appearance did not fit the guidelines though she was certainly following all of the rules, it was about her hair.

     Then the film began. Created by Anu Prestonia and BC alum Hemamset Angaza. We are given several images of Black women with natural hair and several different accounts. It was so tastefully done, there did not seem to be any bias from the creators of the film. Of course each opinion was bias. Of course even some women with natural hair sounded a little close-minded. But a segment I admired was when men on the street were questioned about Black hair/Black women. It was rather humorous to hear what these men think and there wasn't much hate. It was also great to see some of the couples who were interviewed. So many men love and support their women and their hair choices. I was a little hesitant in attending this conference, especially watching the film because these are conversations I have everyday, as a black woman. However, In our heads about our hair is such an eye opener and such an enjoyable film, there was no over kill. I would certainly watch this film again, with some friends.

    Here's the trailer:

    After the film, lunch was served, there was a spoken word segment. Poets BC Alum Diamond Bradley, BC Slam Team member Katherine George, and Nasiyr Abdullah son of the keynote speaker Sonia Alleyne. Unfortunately I could not stay longer to hear from the keynote speaker or other panel discussions but this event was great.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Fefe Dobson!

     Canadian Punk music artist Fefe Dobson is back! While watching music videos the other day "Legacy" started and I was so excited because I had no idea she had new music. I was very impressed and pleased with this new song and video. Watch for yourself:

     Legacy, the song and video affected me in many ways. First the entire premise of being cray and being in a psych ward is something I've written about myself. Then the fact that she is dressed as and emulating celebrities who have passed who we all love was incredible. The second the Amy Winehouse scene started, the tears fell. Amy's death was devastating and I immediately thought of Michael Jackson. The most I've ever cried for any reason is certainly when Michael passed. Then the MJ scene started and I couldn't take it. What makes it more beautiful is the lyrics, not only is she saying that she honors these artists and carries them with her wherever she goes but she is also saying that her herself wants to leave a legacy behind. This entire song and video represents where I am in life right now and things I need to keep in mind. I feel that it speaks to a lot of people, not just artists and not just music artists. Legacy is beautiful and I am so excited for fefe and her music.

Friday, November 15, 2013


My class watched the film BlackFish this week, if you are unfamiliar his is the trailer:

     Black Fish is a documentary about SeaWorld and other “Sea” theme parks which actually put the animals and their trainers in danger.
     There is a build once the film starts, it seems to be pleasant. Several former SeaWorld trainers are giving accounts to how they started and why. They list where they came from, their interests in sea animals, when they started, and what they thought about SeaWorld. Then there is a change of mood when they talk about Dawn Brancheau. I knew she was the trainer who had been killed right away because there was slow, sad music playing in the background and they showed old footage of her.
Dawn was killed in an attack by one of the killer whales right after a show on February 24, 2010. Her death seems to be the driving force of this entire film. SeaWorld’s denial of this death being the whale’s fault or even their fault is the main conflict. The OSHA sued SeaWorld on behalf of the Government but SeaWorld keeps fighting to keeps their trainers in the tanks with the Killer Whales. I understand the idea behind this and it is money. Big corporations often get caught up in some “fishy” business and to this day SeaWorld is a large attraction and a staple in our culture. What really brings in the audience is all the tricks that the trainers physically do with the animals.
     The film continues to go back in forth, giving the viewers a bit of a history lesson. One aspect I did not like was how each story was out of order. We are told about Dawn Brancheau’s death first (seems to be very important because it is most recent), then we are told about how the Killer Whales were first captured in 1970, then we were told about the trainer who was killed in SeaLand(Canada’s park) in 1991. There is a correlation between all of these stories obviously, but the film seemed to be a little confusing and very intense because of the order the stories were told in and all of the information that is given.
     What I do appreciate is that this film is educating its viewers. Black Fish gives us facts about Killer Whales and parallels them with untruths trainers are told to tell visitors of the park. We learn so much about Killer Whales from this film and we are given accounts from so many trainers. One question which came to mind throughout watching this is: Who is the victim? The whales or the trainers? Trainers are being killed but the Whales are being tortured. Either way, anybody who watches this will come to the conclusion: SeaWorld is wrong for what they’ve done and what they are doing. This is what makes this film so good; the creators of this film are not necessarily pointing the finger, they are simply presenting facts and the truth. The trainers were lied to about previous deaths of other trainers or were just flat out not told. There is an intense control that SeaWorld has over the entire situation and I am disgusted.
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