Monday, February 19, 2018

Black Panther/Wakanda Hairstyle Challenge

     My look for Wakanda includes an interesting hair look and a very simple outfit. See how I did my hair below. As for my look, I wore African print pants from a shop in Harlem paired with a black body suit from Urban Outfitters and black boots from GoJane. Putting together this look was quite last minute and serendipitous had to be simple yet stunning. The pants stood out to me immediately and I've had the body suit for years, easy as 1, 2, 3. I knew I had to do something incredible with my hair, I knew I wanted an up-do or my locs hanging down so I did a little bit of both. With a handful of gold accessories from the beauty supply store I bring you my Wakandan fantasy head-to-toe style.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Two strand twist:Retwist on Shoulder length locs & 4 year loc update !

I retwisted my hair using castor oil after oiling my hair and scalp with coconut oil. I started by twisting one loc, putting clips on it to hold it, retwisting the loc next to it and then removing the clips from the first loc and 2-trand twisting them together, holding each twist together with a little black rubber band at the end. Being that my locs are really thick I did have an issue with unraveling but the I just palm rolled each twist that had loosened when I finished.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

NYE look! Post Pipe Cleaner Curl Up do with shoulder length locs!

   Just days after my Christmas look, some of my curls have fallen straight, while some of them are still tightly curled. It looked wild! Here's my solution for NYE along with my complete look:

    As for my outfit, I was able to snag this midi spaghetti strap gold sequined dress from GoJane on sale! Along with high heeled black leather boots, appropriate for winter of course. My makeup is brought to you by Fenty Beauty(foundation), NYX(Lipstick), and Elf Cosmetics(Eye liner and Highlight)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Look!

My Christmas look this year is very simple. As for hair I did the pipe cleaner curls once again, as I did for my birthday. As for my outfit, I wore my long sleeved backless metallic dress(Silence + Noise) that I wore for NYE last year.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

THINK PIECE: In a world where we are embracing man feelings, why male sexuality skeeves me out.

     Sex sells. We live in an oversexed world, that is still rather conservative. A certain amount of sexuality or sexually themes can be considered classless and inappropriate. Though I am not one to judge or spoil anyone's fun with a heavy dose of classism or elitism, some of our favorite male musicians and celebrities creep me out.

  Men like Bruno Mars and Miguel who don’t fit the typical fuck boy mold still turn me off with all the sex talk. They present themselves in beautiful ways where personal swagger and good management meet, they sing of love and sex and fun, and they cater to their femme audience. However, Bruno Mars has over-exaggerated his pimp pimp playa playa persona as of late. He praises the pinky ring, makes up flashy catches phrases with even flashier music, and he has resurrected the funk. Bruno is a regular ole blaxploitation. This has rubbed me the wrong way ever since "Locked Out of Heaven". Every time I hear "you and your ass invited, so gon get to clappin'' I cringe, I am slightly disgusted and very much annoyed. Why does every hot new pop record have to skyrocket to the top of the charts at my expense? Another example is Miguel, someone who is always sexy but maybe oversexed. He once stimulated sex on stage during a concert of his, which you can watch below.  It is gross, tacky, and all the other words a 40-something church mother would say while clutching her pearls. But on top of all the tastelessness, it seems to make femmes the butt of the joke, literally.

Now I know what you are probably thinking right about now: "Kearmonie, sex is natural and fluid and it is beautiful for one to embrace their own sexuality rather than succumb to the societal norms which have unnecessarily and dangerously restricted us for centuries." or: "Kearmonie, these men do not pose a threat, why be mad at them? I'm pretty sure that you sing Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' at the top of your lungs, and I bet Lil' Kim's "Big Momma Thang is your theme song. What's the difference?"

Yes, all of that is true. When a woman embraces her sexuality she is badass but when a man embraces his own sexuality it still creeps me out. But I have pondered on this phenomenon and I have a few deductions. I think these awkward feelings and bad taste in my mouth may be because male sexuality, for as long as I could remember, has always been based on the objectification, exploitation, abuse, and overall mistreatment of women. We call men "playas" and that is literally what it means, they play the game, with women as the props, the pawns, and the prize. We say “pimp” or “pimpin’” and pimps literally pimp out women. Pimps are idolized for their swagger, money, and presence; along with the dehumanization and belittlement of women. A sexually confident cis/het man, or confident in general, is one who treats women as if they are disposable. This kind of man changes women quicker than the days change, and is probably extremely invested "in gettin' bitches"; at least based on what I have learned. A man who embraces his own sexuality confidently and intentionally does not really exist without a few bitches and hoes.

 However, when a sexual woman embraces her sexuality she is literally reclaiming what the sexual man has already taken from her. Her sexuality has always belonged to men whether her father or our" father" who keeps her from embracing it, or every man she has ever fucked ever wanted to fuck and all those who want to fuck her. It has never been her own.

 Now all this (my thinking) is influenced by pop culture, so we have to talk about the capitalization of sexuality. In what better way can we discuss this without acknowledging the late Hugh Heffer, founder, and CEO of Playboy, who Wikipedia credits as "American businessman, magazine publisher, and Playboy." Playboy, the adult magazine filled with beautifully photographed nude some, who are referred to as "playboy bunnies". Having been founded and released its first magazine in 1953, Playboy is still thriving today with even with a premium television network. Though Hugh capitalizing off some sort of sexual revolution at the time could have been a reflection of his own sexuality and who he is as a sexual being, he made millions off of women’s bodies, women who though presumably signed contracts and willingly participated did not have full agency over this image or their individual images. Young girls are taught to worship the glamorous life, the fantasy of beauty and riches, a world where women are seen and not often heard. That image is what male sexuality has used as a step stool.

Back to my original example, the Brunos, the Miguels, and even the Jidennas, all musicians; all musicians who make music which lend themselves to a sort of alternative R&B, with influence from various genres, but primarily R&B. Show business and what it has become, specifically the music industry can be the main culprit for what may be skewing my perception. Hip-Hop music has always real rap raw, direct, in your face, truthful, and raunchy. When rappers talk about bitches on their dicks and exactly what position in vivid detail I do not bat an eye because it was what I grew up on.

Whereas R&B has always sexy, sultry, and subtle. The chauvinism has always been palatable but as of late it has been way to filling, no pun intended. Like I said, the people I named do not fit the typical fuckboy mold. A fuckboy is a fuckboy, but when someone who is not easily defined as such picks up on some of the language and mannerisms it feels like they are not staying in their lane, which is downright unsettling. Am I villainizing anyone for this? No. Will I continue to be totally skeeved out? Probably.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Holiday look brought to you by Fenty Beauty and FlexiRods !

     This Thanksgiving I spent the day with family as usual and got all dressed up to stay in the house, as most people do. This outfit was simply a long ribbed sleeveless Forever 21 dress, lately, grey dresses have been a part of my personal aesthetic. The look is mostly complete due to my hair and face. I debuted Fenty Beauty's liquid foundation and added some style to my hair with flexi-rods I wore all day yesterday.

Here's how created the hair and make-up look:

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Immerse Art Exhibit

     Last night I performed at an event the Immerse Art Exhibit. An exhibition of various forms of art presented by a collective called 3:5 Creatives(3:5 Immerse). The event was a beautiful night of live art, visual art, and good vibes. The Okay Space Gallery(OkayPlayer) was booming with music, lights, and even a smoke machine creating a dream-like ambiance of expression as soon as you walk in. The walls were covered in breath-taking paintings- all by Black artists including Ike Slimster and Alim Smith. Patrons trickled in slowing filling the space as they were met with impromptu performances from a variety of artists. In between performances DJ Boston Chery was spinning the latest and greatest, her craft an explosive art form as well, as much a part of the exhibit as all of the other performances. And the other performances including dance, spoken word, and live music from singers, rappers, and a full band.

     The idea of the "Immerse Art Exhibit" is just that, an exhibition that immerses audience members completely in ART. There is no stage, there is no MC, no start time and I am sure attendees were left wishing there was no end. There is just art surrounding you. As you are admiring the creations on the walls and the DJ is spinning the hottest records next thing you know a dance performance begins, accompanied with its own music and visuals being projected onto the wall behind the dancers. An artist preparing to perform usually grabs the attention of some, but even when they begin there is still chatting and selfie-taking occurring while the art is happening around you and in your space. This approach seemed to take the spectatorship out of live art and performance and gave audience members full pure experience.

  My outfit was a simple two-piece look, a matching long sleeved ribbed mock-neck top, and ribbed midi skirt from GoJane. Here's a look at my performance:

Thursday, November 2, 2017


My Halloween costume this year is none other than Medusa. With curly locs accompanied by snakes and a long Grecian style gown from Urban Outfitters, I think I served the mythical goddess justice. I also did snake-skin inspired makeup to complete the look. This encompasses what I love to do every year with my Halloween costume, a homemade/DIY look! A cute outfit with some accessories and makeup for an even cuter costume. I never purchase a full costume.

Here's how I completed the look: 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME

    Today is my 25th and in celebration, I did a birthday photoshoot over the weekend. My younger sister(@yea.cuzicare) did the shoot and I edited the photos. This look is accidentally classic. I didn't realize how tightly curled my hair would be or how vintage the dress would look but it all came together beautifully. The spaghetti strap velvet dress is from Forever 21 and the suede heels with feather detail are from, paired together for a cute and affordable outfit. The concept for the shoot is a combination of classy and some of my favorite things. I am a fall baby so the backdrop of Highland Park was perfect. My props are a handful of cameras belonging to me and my family, exemplifying my passion for film and photography.


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