Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Fine by Chris Brown is a great song...

      but you will never hear a man say that to you. “You’re better off with someone else”?! He’s probably saying that because He has someone else. Even if it’s true most men will never admit it. “God will find you someone much better than me” God? GOD?! Why do you have to bring God into this? Is that to sugar coat it and make everything okay? You think I’m just gonna smile, nod, and take you telling me this? I clearly want you. If I didn’t I would’ve been left.
      Personally I just wouldn’t buy it. Why would a man give up their woman that easily? Not saying that it's impossible its just too good to be true. I don't think anyone would say this. Man, woman, w/e. When people are in a relationship they don't want to give it up if they do they will. And I don't think they would say there's someone out there much better for you than I am. People have way to much pride for that, especially now-a-days.& You all Know Chris Brown would never say this (w/o having a woman on the side). unless he's to performing this song, lol.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. T

He always say "I pity the fool". But he's not gonna take that fool and teach him. He's not gonna show that fool the way, so they are no longer foolish. But he pitys him. What the hell is your pity doing?!?.
and that's what's wrong with this world.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girls fall to deep in love and blame men . . .

  Girls need to stop putting all the blame on boys, it's not his fault you fell! I was Facebook and a friend of mine (female) Posted:
"Dear guys: When you make a girl fall for you, either catch her or provide padding of explanation as to why not. Thanks for that consideration....."
    This is completely ridiculous. This statement classifies all men and situations. How is he supposed to know that he's your type? How is he supposed to know that his smile, his hair, his voice, his skin tone, etc. makes you swoon at the sight of him? How is he supposed to know that you're falling in love with him?? Because if he doesn't "catch you" the attraction is obviously only physical and nothing deeper. The only "explanation as to why not" can be "I didn't fall in love with you". Yes, I know guys lead girls on but not all guys. Unless you say hey "I'm madly in love with you" They won't know. And some guys just have that affect on people ;). But seriously statements like these show the woman who doesn't take responsibility for her own actions(especially when something goes wrong), the woman who will blame the nearest person and group of people, the woman who doesn't think before she speaks. This is not a personal attack, because I know too may people like this and it's wrong.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Strangers in public.

             One day on my way home from school I saw this girl wearing a floral print skirt and a juicy couture bag (typical) at the train station. I take 3 trains home, sometimes a bus and two trains. This was on the first train, She sat right next to me. I thought she was really pretty but weird. When I got off the train to transfer to my second train she stood right next to me. Like very close as if she were one of my friends .I must admit I got a little suspicious. Then the train came and she sat right next to me again. I assumed she was getting off at my stop because that is where a lot of people get off. She did, but before the train stopped I stood up to stand by the door while she stayed seated. She looked right at me. When I got off I walked pretty fast to like, lose her I guess but I turned around and she was getting on another train.
              Then I thought I was being creepily stalked but now I think maybe she needed a friend or someone to talk to. Maybe I looked like someone she could be friends with. I do see girls who look my age stare at me on the train and now I think this every time. Of course when guys stare at me I already know what they want, lol. I don't think will ever actually walk up to a stranger and start talking to them, thats just weird. But it is something to consider.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long distance relationships. Do they work?

I don't know first hand, or second hand, but personally I believe it all depends on the people. The number one fear of these relationships is cheating. Everyone thinks the man is going to cheat just because his woman isn't there but this isn't true. To cheat he would have to have a reason. Cheating just to have sex is a much bigger problem, cause then they're a sex addict and probably need therapy. He could feel that he isn't getting enough "long-distance love" from his woman and needs to replace her or find that love elsewhere, the same thing with a woman. If being away from the person they're with causes their relationship to be "not enough" or whatever long distance relationships are not for them. If you're grown enough to be in a relationship you should what you want what works for you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I want to find my musical soul mate just like in Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist

   Nick and Norah's infinite playlist is a great movie. Norah realizes that the mix CD's Nick makes are all bands she loves and says to him "It's like you're my musical soul mate". I would love to find someone with the exact songs I have on my Ipod on theres. Which is a little too much to ask,lol. I have every Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, and The Jacksons song ever on my Ipod. I have Florence and the Machine as well as Jay-Z. I have the 3 Kanye albums as well as Jesse McCartney and Spongebob. Maybe I should shorten that to the same taste. So if they like conscious rap, R&B, and alternative They are my musical soul mate. But they HAVE to listen to MJ, Kanye, and Lady GaGa at least.
  I feel that the music one listens to is the easiest and truest ways to define one's personality. When you listen to the same genre's of music as someone else what you have in common is much deeper than a playlist.

I HATE lables

Everyone’s fighting for equality but there’s still segregation within their own communities. As if what we are interested in solely makes us who we are. If I’m defined by my preference or what I like, I might as well only wear the color blue all day every day. And only hang with people who wear my color or colors close to it. Mhmmmm, so if you’re wearing orange I can’t fuck with you.


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