Friday, January 29, 2016

Dat new Rih Rih

     Yes, Princess reggae Hip-Pop, Madam no fucks to give Rihanna has released a brand new album for FREE(download on samsung devices, with a prompt to download Tidal for the deluxe version). Following an announcement of her world tour by the same name, it is entitled "Anti". Having already gone platinum, "Anti" is keeping pop music alive with danceable tracks, catchy lyrics and a few lovey dovey ballads.

     The versatility of this album speaks volumes with the declaritive opening track "Consideration" with a pretty prominent 2,4 beat; as well as tracks like "Woo" and "You Needed Me" with helps from some of most popping' names on the forefront of hip-hop music these day Travis Scott and DJ Mustard; and of course break out track "Work", a reggae inspired tale of love of lack-there-of featuring Drake. The album takes us on not much of a roller coaster but a road trip of the ups and downs of Rih's current mindset, affairs, and spirituality. Starting off with stories that represent who she is and her lack of fucks to give, going into the possible club bangers which are actually songs of love lost, then there is a shift with the sexy "Yeah, I said it". After she's given us slow, moody, hip-hop beats with fall in love with tracks like "Never Ending", "Love on The Brain", "Higher", and "Close to You" on all of which Rih Rih tries her hand at ballads. The bonus tracks, on the deluxe album, are also a must listen. "Goodnight Gotham" a personal favorite of mine, is a trippy mash-up of Florence + The Machine's "Only If For A Night".

     Overall "Anti" is a step forward for Ms. Fenty. Is it her best album? No. Still a solid body of work.  Now available for streaming on Tidal (

Monday, January 25, 2016

You'd be stuck singing ya shoulda, coulda, wouldas...

     Or Would you. Not with this tune from newest music duo Jazze Belle. Harlem, New York based musicians Justin Carter and Taylor Simone have banned together in the name of music in the past year, and their first two singles are quite promising. Just a few months ago they set their first ever recording together free into the world of soundcloud. An alternative alluring merging pop and R&B, basically living without genre, entitled "Jagged Edge".
     Continuously performing at your fave open mics, Jam sessions, and music venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn; such as The Shed, Arlene's Grocery, and C'mon Everybody; Jazze Belle has just dropped their second single "SCW".


     "SCW" is a sultry ballad, a love song, or lets say lust song; combining tech sounds, playful keys, a subtle bass line and of course Taylor Simone's beautiful voice. This tracks is even more impressive than the first and builds more anticipation for an upcoming project from Jazze Belle. Seeing these two live is a must. Check the out on all social media as "JazzeBelle" or @JazzeBelleMusic.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bowery Poetry Club Slam Launch !

The Bowery Poetry Club is an iconic venue for spoken word and slam poetry in New York City having helped catapult this culture we all love so much. After a brief hi-atus for renovations the Bowery Poetry has offered open mic events, writing workshops, and other spoken word showcases but has not hosted a slam for about 5 years. That all changes now.

      Monday night was the first of many slams to be held at the Bowery, every Monday at 9pm. All hosted by none other than former youth poet laureate of NYC Ashley August. August has made a smooth transition from youth poet to an adult having been slamming since the age of 15, toured across the country, competed in the Brave New Voices and National Poetry Slam competitions, been featured of TV1's Verses and Flow, and having two published collections of poetry; the title of Slammaster is rightfully deserved and The Bowery Poetry Club is now her new home.

    The night had already begun with Bowery's currently instated weekly open mic event "PoetNY", guest are welcome to pay one price to enjoy both events. The slam was like any other intense, funny, drama filled, heart wrenching and entertaining. With the greatest 90's and early 2000's tunes spun by (also extremely talented NY Poet) DJ Mega. Well known slam poets and artists Jon Sands, Roya Marsh, Taylor Steele, and MUMS came together for a mock slam, like your average slam however there was no prize or advancement to fight towards.

A photo posted by Bowery Slam (@boweryslam) on

   These poets came together for an unforgettable peek at whats bound to be a great, inaugural, season. With an in-house, a different renowned featured poet, and of course your lovely hostess every week; if you didn't know what to do in NYC on Monday nights. You do now.

  The slam will take place every Monday at 9pm, at The Bowery Poetry Club, following their PoetNY Open Mic event. For more information follow @BowerySlam on instagram and twitter.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Harriet Tubman responds to talks of her being featured on the U.S. $20 bill

     For the past several months the inter webs have been a buzz with several polls and debates whether or not Harriet Tubman should be on the twenty dollar bill. Harriet Tubman has not actually responded, however I(yes me, Kearmonie) wrote a poem speaking as Ms. Tubman, which I have performed at quite a few places. This piece has just been posted on the SlamFind youtube channel. Slamfind is a cellphone app that connects the people to spoken word venues in their area. I am so very excited to be able to share this, enjoy !

Monday, January 11, 2016

Real Friends?

     Yeezus has blessed us again. Just a couple of weeks ago KanYe West released a single entitled facts. Personally not too great to me, much like "All Day", he did not have much to say; it was a bit of a teaser for us fans. Is he dropping an album or is he isn't? Well the single has shed some light on that. "Real Friends" an account on becoming so famous that everyone around you just wants to stick you for your paper, and so busy that you barely have time for the people who once cared. The slow melodic Drake-sounding track is followed by a preview snippet of another song featuring Kendrick Lamar(Jaw Drop) entitled "No More Parties". This song, or the bit that we hear, has an alternative throwback feel to it. Kane's new album "Swish" is finally set to be released this February, with a series of tracks to be released leading up to it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"God is Gangsta"

     The latest short film brought to us by none other than Kendrick Lamar, the current G.O.A.T. or I guess G.O.T.T.(Greatest of this time). K. Dot blessed us early last year with his 3rd album To Pimp a Butterfly, a notably iconic piece of work. This video is a combination of two tracks off of the album "U" and "For Sale" both deep thought provoking, self reflection type stories much like the entire album.

     This short is quite moving, much like other videos he has released as of late and a clever juxtaposition of one's inner troubles as well as desires. Kendrick's testimony which begins with "I remember you was conflicted..." appears several times on the album stated his mental, spiritual, and emotional state at a certain time and what he has learned. God is Gangsta breathtakingly sums that all up. Another notable aspect is the tile itself, almost to say that this is not a twofer music video, however a short film. At one point "gangsta" was a loosely used adjective to describe something that dramatically great, pushes the envelope, impressive or dope; I guess a way to equate to any gang-related scary aspects of a certain lifestyle. To refer to someone as gangsta is state that the are bold and live without fear. The statement "God is Gangsta" is an almost humorous way to sum up the way the lord works, how he puts us in spaces and on paths we may not understand, giving us tasks and trials that may seem way too hard for us to deal with but certainly something we have the strength within ourselves to get through.

Friday, January 1, 2016

NYE look

Here's a look at my New Years Eve outfit. The romper and the tights are of course from Urban Outfitters.


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