Monday, December 7, 2015

Ayesha Curry's Tweets and the real problem here

   Ayesha Curry is Wife of NBA player Stephen Curry. The two, their lovely marriage and family have become widely popular over the past few months after Stephen Curry and his team The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship.
   Ayesha has been all over the media lately receiving all kinds of responses to this tweet. It seems that she is shaming women who dress a certain way, stating that she's rather dress classy than trending. As if saying that trendy club wear these days implies that certain women are not classy. She is one politically incorrect word away from slut-shaming, but it doesn't matter because others are doing it for her. I do not have a problem with Ayesha's traditional perception on how she should dress but the rhetoric here is dictating how women dress in terms of how we will be perceived and ultimately controlled by men. The ongoing feminist battle is that f liberation. We as women are claiming our bodies and our sexuality as our own, and we will dress however we want no matter want. Unfortunately there are still people who are swayed by traditional misogynistic beliefs of how a woman should walk, talk, dress, and act; especially a woman who is married to man. Mrs. Curry's tweets will and already have inspired posts calling women who do dress the way Curry is dismissing "sluts" it is fueling this "Good Girl" VS "Bad Girl" ideal which plagues women from as young as 5 years old, and it is terribly sad.


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