Saturday, December 29, 2012

New music from YYou!

   I've covered this artist before and now he has more music for me. "Mad Mad Mad" is the first single off of his latest mixtape "House Of Hipster". The track adds a Hip Hop twist to the smash hit "Madness" by Muse.

   Mad Mad Mad has a really dark feel to it yet it is a great club song. The use of Muse's Madness was thoughtful. The, very distinctive, base line catches your attention and YYou's story keeps you listening. This is also reminiscent of the type of music N.E.R.D. makes. Taking an alternative rock song and adding a hip-hop twist is quite innovative. The track ends with a verse from the Muse track YYou drew inspiration from. I feel that it was an effective ending because the listener understands the original feeling of the track.

For more information on Yyou,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't Believe The Hype!

     I, with the help of some great friends, am currently working on a documentary. This film will showcase the lives of young artists living in New York City and challenge certain stereotypes, misconceptions, and stigmas attached to being an artist. In this, the film will show who we really are and what we do. I've just completed the 10 minute preview/teaser of some footage I've gotten over the past few months, basically to show what to expect from the finished product and Here it is:

Brooklyn Stories Semi-Finals

   25 poets went up against each other for the “Brooklyn Stories: Semi-finals,” a poetry slam competition that took place at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army plaza, on Monday, December 10.

 The “Brooklyn Stories” competition was created by Tony award winning poet Lemon Andersen along with teen poetry organization Urban Word NYC to give youth poets the opportunity to share their stories about the borough in front of a large audience. The winners will win the chance to work with Lemon Anderson to create their own one man/woman shows of their Brooklyn stories, to be performed live on-stage at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Here's recap of the whole event:

   The seven winners were announced the following week and they are: Kearah-Armonie(ME!), Briannah Hagger, London Grant, Malcolm Wicks, Francine Hendrickson, Darren Arthur, and Nykemah Warren. I know all of the other winners and can't wait to work with and perform with them in February.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Chris Wise!

    Chris Wise sees himself as a writer, an artist, a student, a teacher, and most of all an MC. One who has full control of his audience. “I do art,” Wise said. “Art is human expression”.
Wise believes that art is a form of self-expression and that it thrives when it communicates the truth. Art thrives when it shares stories, ideas, and feelings that are realistic and relatable. He feels he is a true artist as long as he shares his experience.

“As a conscious person, it’s my duty to elevate the consciousness of other people,” Wise said.

He uses the term conscious to describe his sense of self. Wise wants to affect the people who listen to his music, intellectually. To do this, his goal is to create a balance between education and entertainment. He remembers a quote said by record producer Clark Kent:
“It’s always going to be about the music, peace and love is cool but is your shit gonna bump?”

“People listen to the music for the music, the beat, the melody, and what makes them dance; not just the words or the message.” Wise said.

Wise’s biggest music influence are current upcoming artist such as Joey BadA$$, Dom Kennedy, and Curren$y. Curre$y has influenced Wise’s writing is that he does not think about rhyming.

“Just because it is a rap song does not mean it has to rhyme,” Wise said. “The artist should just tell their story.”

Wise hopes to make music that sells. He wants to make enough money to eat well, sleep well, travel, and to stay in his hometown, comfortably. “If it’s not forward, it’s backward,” Wise said. “Too late to be neutral.”

You can listen and download Chris Wise' EP "The Man" here:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The "Friendzone" conundrum.

Men, boys, guys, fellas, etc. are always in control, when it comes to relationships.

That is why when a man sleeps around he's considerably a big shot and when a woman does the same thing she's considerably a hoe. When a man gets sexually involved with multiple women he is controlling several relationships, whereas if a woman is sexually involved with multiple men she is subjecting herself to multiple men.


 A lot of people don't realize that the "Friendzone" conundrum is strictly a male thing. I say male because I'm sure lions and tigers and bears do that shit too. When a man wants something he goes after it, even if that something is a human being with their own thoughts and feelings. While with most women, if we can't have the man we want, we don't want him at all. Or at least that's how I am because quite frankly I already have friends, none of which I want to have sex with.

 The only sad thing about the "Friendzone" conundrum is that it actually works. Men become "bestfriends" with the woman they want and remain that way for years. Eventually they ease their way in, becoming the closest person to that woman, and the woman falls in love with the man even though she didn't even blink twice at him when they first met.

 The analogy of men treating women like a vending machine that they can put nice coins in until sex falls out is literally the truest way I can explain this.

 Even on a smaller scale (I've been caught up too) where a guys approaches you and he's not a total creep so you talk to him and you give him your number just to be nice, then he calls every night having long conversations sounding oh-so concerned. Then about two weeks of this goes by, and one night he doesn't call you. So you decide to call him first because your nightly talks have already become routine. Next thing ya know YOU'RE calling him every night feeling like you need him and shit, though he wasn't even that cute to begin with. Just a month prior you had no idea who he was nor did you care. And now you're attached while he's off living his life.

 This is why romantic comedies ain't shit.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Photo

A 58-year-old New York City subway passenger was killed on Monday after he was pushed onto the tracks of an onrushing train in Manhattan by a man who had been mumbling to himself as he walked along the platform, The New York Times reported.

New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne says investigators recovered security video showing a man fitting the description of the assailant working with street vendors near Rockefeller Center.

Police went there Tuesday and took him into custody. The victim, Ki-Suck Han, tried to climb back onto the platform after he was pushed, but did not make it; he was struck by a southbound R train in the 49th Street station. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, the Times report said.

The police released a brief video from a surveillance camera in which the attacker is seen and heard cursing at the victim and telling him to stand in line “and wait for the R train.”

Though this is a tragic story, one thing I would like to focus on is the fact that there was a photo of the man hanging off of there platform edge hanging on to his life. The reported works for the New York Post and the post used the photo for they're cover the following morning. This is probably the clearest indication of why journalists and reporters get a lot of hate. Instead of frantically trying to get help while a man is seconds from his death, you snap a photo for news. That is inhumane. This act, in a way, separates the news from real life. Real life would be getting help whereas "The news" is all about the news and a tragic accident is certainly news. Though the reported took the photo the Post as a corporation is responsible and wrong for printing the photo.


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