Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Solange is BACK!

    On the music scene that is. The soulful songstress, hipster queen, and my biggest inspiration(you can see my post about her here) has released a brand new song and video. The name of the song is "Losing you", an upbeat ballad about being confused in a relationship. The video showcases Solange and her funky group of friends fashionably having fun in South Africa. There are also scenes of her dancing in various beautiful outfits. Her group of friends are her real life friends, artists living in New York City who are basically tumblr royalty. One of which being Lizzy Okpo co-designer of clothing line William Okpo.

Here's the video:

     I love this video for various reasons. Prior to watching I hadn't heard the song so I had no idea what to expect. I soon fell in love. The songs melody, message  and just the words are simple yet beautiful. The video doesn't necessarily match up with the story being told but when it comes to cinematography it is great. I enjoyed watching her and her beautiful friends have fun in the motherland. What more could you need?

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