Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing #hiPolitics !

     As a Tv/R minor at Brooklyn College I now have my own campus radio show.
I call it "hiPolitics" (Like hip politics). Combining Hip-Hop music with political issues, using critical literacy to have discussions. We're talking about things that effect us racially, locally, on campus etc. and I always have music to play. Each week, Mondays 11am-12pm, I will have a guest artist come through and join in on that day's conversation.

     This past monday, Sept. 8th, was my first show. According social that say was also a nationwide boycott/protest called the Blackout. On this day Blacks across the country would protest by only supporting Black businesses to show that #BlackLivesMatter and we(as well as other POC) are just as important to this country as those who are more privileged, especially when it comes to this country's economy. My intern, Sore' and I spent the whole discussing why this is important and other Black Activism related topics in the media today. I also played a few songs that I felt were related.

You can tune in every Monday at 11am on Mywbcr.com. You can also call in a join the conversation at (718)951-4444.

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