Monday, August 8, 2016


     After returning from the National Poetry Slam (#NPSDecatur) I am reminded of who I am and what I do. BLK GRL POET is not only a big part of my identity, but the name of my documentary short which I created last year as my senior thesis as part of the Brooklyn College Film Department. Every year they host a film festival, screening all student films completed in the Fall and Spring, and BLK GRL POET was honored with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Film Making.

     A spoken word driven look at the Black Lives Matter movement, with news, protest footage and voice over of my own original poetry; I bring you "BLK GRL POET"

BLK GRL POET from Kearah Armonie on Vimeo.

 Kearah-Armonie is a young Black Woman, growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Having taken part in several art forms, her current expression of choice is Spoken Word poetry. Here with BLK GRL POET we exhibit the state of the world today, the systemic racism and oppression on Black People in America all guided by Kearah's own Spoken word and recent protest footage. #BlackPoetsSpeakOut is a movement prompting Black poets to share their work preceded by the declaration: "My name is ___, I am a Black Poet and I will not remain silent as this nation continues to murder Black people, I have a right to be angry"( As Nina Simone once stated "It is the Artist's reflect the times". Archival footage used in this film is solely for use as the object of Social, Political and/or Cultural Critique.

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