Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beauty of the Black Woman

Beauty of the Black Woman(BOTBW) is a photoblog which shares beautiful images of Black woman.
Every photo is taken by photographer Damion Reid.
I had a very successful shoot on Friday, here are the photos:

     My outfit is funky yet sophisticated. I bought the acid wash skinny jeans from a boutique in my neighborhood and the high-heeled sneaker boots are my all time fave. This whole is just my style 100%.

     More photos can be seen on the Facebook page as well as Reid's tumblr page.

1 comment:

Leon Lacerda said...

I found BOTBW again searching for one of your photo's names, because i have liked and downloaded it before. What a surprise finding your own site too. You're beautiful, thanks for the photos! ^-^


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