Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A black girl thinks about: Hip hop music & popularity

   There are rock bands and rock stars who made their claims to fame 20-30 years ago and are still very relevant. Rock stars are still going on tours, still making album sales, and most importantly still making money! Their songs have the replay value and the timeless quality that make them loved all over the world by different generations and more to come. Songs like
  • "We're not gonna take it"
  • & "Girls rock your boys" by twisted sister
  • "Smells like teens spirit" by nirvana
  •  and of course "Don't stop Believin'" by Journey.
   Everyone, I mean everyone knows at least two of these songs. There are many other timeless rock songs that were made popular in the 80's. The infamous 1980's. But what about hip-hip, what about rap? There are ofcourse popular/timeless raps songs. But none that have the same impact on the world or the same longevity as the rock songs I listed. A few that come close (in my opinion) are:

  • "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang
  • "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy
  • "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
  • and "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg

   But where are these rappers now? The only one of some relevance is Snoop Doggy Dogg but he isn't doing concert tours like Brett Michaels. (#JustSayin). Can newer rap music even be compared to those songs? Ask someone who isn't at all a fan of rap music who the best rapper alive is, they'll probably say Lil Wayne, Eminem, or Jay-Z. JAY-Z. J-EFFING-Z. But is Jay-Z even a good rapper or is he just popular? Is his spit all that spectacular or is he just rich? I honestly do not understand how and why he surpassed Nas (on the popularity spectrum). Not saying Jay-Z isn't good but Nas is better. So many talented rap artist get overlooked or slept on, so many great songs are forgotten, and who do we have representing us? Jay-Z. He's flashy, he has money, he's known, AND he has the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. I'm sure anybody can recite a Jay-Z line right away but can't even tell me who sings Rapper's Delight or list all the members of The Wu-Tang Clan. There is no substance, no depth. This is why we are all classified negatively. This is why I can't listen to rap music, cuz you know it demeans women. This is why cars and chains are important. One mans desires were amplified to ,what seems like, defining a whole culture. So basically Hip-Hop is world wide because of the popularity, because of the flashiness, because of the money?
   Bro I just want to hear good music, not go back to highschool.


Poppy said...

I agree with you, rap songs don't have lasting power like rock songs do. Especially these new rappers that are coming out. They won't be remembered in 5 years. It it because most rap songs are just about money, cars & hos...it's all the same. I do listen to rap still, just not as much & nothing main stream. And YES, Nas is better than Jay-Z . Great Post!!

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