Friday, February 28, 2014

[HOW-TO] Yarn Twists !

       Last weekend I did a friends hair in Yarn twists she needed a protective style because she's going on vacation soon. The style took 9 hours to do and I used 3 bundles of yarn. Now, just like any other twists I've done these are pretty simple.


  • 3+ bundles of acrylic yarn
  • A comb
  • Hair oil/grease/lotion/etc.
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • A four legged-chair or step stool 
Make sure the hair is washed, conditioned, and moisturize before braiding. Cut the yarn by wrapping it around the legs of the chair(tying around one leg first to secure it) and keep wrapping, then cut when you feel/noticed you've wrapped too much, cut near to the leg where you tied the yarn. You will have to wrap/cut yarn several times. Moisturize the yarn before braiding with it.

  • Part hair the way you normally do as braiding
  • Take yarn and braid a section of hair as if you're doing a box braid
  • Braid down about 5 times(or to the end of hair depending on how long the person's hair is)
  • Begin twisting and twist to desired lenght
  • Tie 3-4 knots at the end of the twists
  • Cut excess yarn
  • Burn the ends.
  • Also: moisturize the person's scalp as you go along
End result:

You HAVE to use Acrylic yarn and Red Heart is the most recommended brand.

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