Saturday, August 9, 2014

Evol Presents: "Take My Eyes to the Dry Cleaners" by Sean 'Mega' Desvignes

       As I've mentioned in a previous post (Evol)ution NYC is an independent New York based publishing company ran by poet and entrepreneur Ashley "Ajay" Johnson. Along with publishing, Evol also offers relationship workshops, professional readiness workshops, and hosts various events.

       Saturday, August 2nd was Evol's first event of the year. The release party for poet/author, DJ, and friend of mine Sean "Mega" DesVignes' first collection of poetry entitled "Take My Eyes to the Dry Cleaners". The event was held at Standard ToyKraft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The evening began at 6pm with friends, family, and fellow poets filling the space; Of course being a DJ, Mega played his mixes throughout the evening. Poet, MC, and Mega's best friend Ish hosted the event, keeping the energy up the entire time. This poetry concert was jokingly referred to as "Young Black Poet Coachella" because of the intense lineup. 15(yes, 15) friends, contemporaries, mentors/mentees, and incredible poets hit the stage and poured their hearts out sharing their greatest and latest work, as well as stories/accounts on how much Mega means to them and how great it is to be there in that moment celebrating the release of his first book. Performers included The Divine Fabrics collective(Aziza Barnes, Safia Elhillo, and Kamone Felix), Katherine George, Reynold Martin, and Jayson Smith; just to name a few. Mega closed the evening out with a few breath taking pieces from this collection and stories about how he created this work.
       The entire night was enjoyable and inspiring, the amount of love in that room was incomparable.

Sean reading from his book

Our host, Ish

To find out more about "Take My Eyes to the Dry Cleaners" as well as other works, events, and workshops, please visit

As well as evoL's Facebook page

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