Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#FearandRace The fear of Black Men in America

    Today NPR is taking this discussion to Twitter with NPR/CodeSwitch correspondents Gene Demby and Michel Martin, inviting listeners to join the conversation using the hashtag #FearandRace.
    It is easy to say that we are targeted, especially Black men. Earlier today I was asked "How do you preserve when you're black and the world lives to see you perish?". My response: This is something that I would actually like to have a forum on. I've noticed Black girls say that they are afraid to have children more specifically boys, and that is sad. Personally, I am the exact opposite. I hope the lord blesses me with TEN nappy headed brown skin boys. In a society that is trying to kill us all we have to do is live, and be great. But that all comes from within, it is self love. We have to love and believe in ourselves and support one another. Racism is trying to kill us but racism is also trying to convince us that we are expendable. Trust in this life that has been given to you and believe that you are here for a reason, we all are. 
     However when it comes to the racism against us what we can really do is talk about, make sure everyone is aware of what is happening. Which is exactly what Michel Martin did on MPR in two interviews this week. 
       Here Martin talks to author and Georgetown University Law professor Paul butler about his experiences:


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