Monday, June 13, 2016

BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez

     The Biographical Documentary film exhibiting the life and experiences of the legendary Sonia Sanchez. Having publish over 20 books of poetry, short stories, etc. Sonia Sanchez is a pioneer in the Black Arts Movement and a noted name in the Black Power Movement as a whole, always standing for what she believes in and living in truth as well as always writing it; she writes everyday. Full of various performances, readings of her poems by herself and other poets she has influenced, and plenty reminiscing; "BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez" is a must-see. Now streaming as part of AmDoc/POV's documentary series "America ReFramed".

"Someone asked me 'why do you write?' 
and I said because I wanted tell people 
how I became this woman with razor blades 
between her teeth" 
                                      - Sonia Sanchez

     Known for her melodic flow with words alone, and an conventional use of language; Sonia Sanchez's work and being has always stood in the name of revolution. Throughout the film we learn of her resistance, her strength and the impact she has made on so many through her work whether it be a performance, written work, or who she is as a college professor. Her writings a perfectly woven into the film to line up with her own experiences whether personal or political, recited by other contemporary poets/spoken word artists whom she has influenced. The poems are read from Sanchez's most recent collection of new and old work "Shake Loose My Skin".

"Language is the most dangerous of professions"
- Sonia Sanchez

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