Monday, December 5, 2016

"Awaken, My Love!"

    The latest from Childish Gambino. The quadruple threat had mixed reviews for his previous album "Because the Internet" as he simultaneous seemed to be going trough depression, since then he has remained in a eyes and hearts of all of use, with random visuals and singles and ultimately has lasted television show "Atlanta".
   However the while TV thing is booming, Donald Glover fans have desperately been awaiting the return of Childish Gambino. He is here, with a bit of a surprise. Fans had not really known when to expect the release of new music from Gambino and certainly did not know exactly what kind of music we would be getting. The NYC born, Atlanta raised Rapper has given us anything but rap. Awaken My Love is a psychedelic collection of funk, soul, alternative, rock musical bliss. Just a couple of weeks before the albums release he released the first single, which also the first track, Me and you momma.

      The album presents a very 60's/70's feel reminiscent of The Zombies, Mamas and The Papas, Jimi Hendrix, etc. There is obvious Prince influence as well. Childish has harmonized hooks here or there in the past but on this album he is giving us pure vocals, no bars, just soul. Soul matched with experimental instrumentation and subject matter. Has this been his plan for the duration of his career? Is this the soundtrack for the next season of Atlanta? Is this joke? Who knows. Whatever it is, it is GREAT, and certainly a must-listen. The only problem I have with this is that it is not very lengthy, 11 tracks makes this album perfect for a subway ride commute to work or art exhibition/mingle hour background music. "Awaken, My Love!" takes a huge risk as I am sure Gambino is still considered a rapper, however the music is quite exceptional. If anyone is to take a risk in whatever they do this is how to do it.

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