Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Same Drugs!

     Chance The Rapper has just released a music video for the song "Same Drugs" off of his latest mixtape, "Coloring Book". Just a week or so after announcing the collection Grammy Nomination. Typically mixtape are not considered for Grammy's because they are made independently and often distributed for free, they typically "don't count" when it comes to mainstream music. However Chance The Rapper has managed to become a household name while sill being an independent artist. The fans demanded it and Chance has earned. Now one track that certainly stood out has a visual along with it.

     The song "Same Drugs" is a song about childhood, growth and reflecting on one's past. So of course Chance is seemingly on set of the most iconic and longest running children's show of all time, Sesame Street. The video version of this song is slightly different from the album version with crisper instrumentation and added vocals, Chance sings what becomes a duet with the muppet sitting by his side.

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