Thursday, March 30, 2017


    Mr. Lamar made a bit of a comeback just last week with presumed diss track "The Heart pt. 4". In the style of his own "The Heart" saga, Kendrick is not holding back on this one, he infamously proclaims "Y'all got till April 7th to get your shit together". April 7th, next week Friday, must be when K. Dot will bless us with a new project, "The Heart pt. 4" was simply a warning.

     Tonight he unsuspectedly released a new single and video "HUMBLE". On which he demands "sit down, be humble". He opens the track saying "I remember syrup sandwiches and grandma allowances". Another diss track, maybe? Certainly a message to all who's head has gotten too big.

Visually this video is breathtaking, evoking nostalgia of Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes in their respective primes. The imagery and hubris is also quite reminiscent of Beyoncé's "Formation" video, released last January.

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