Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Radar: DefGlam!

I am now a writer at!
    "Hip-Hop + R&B (the Music Industry Minus all the Bullshit)" This blog covers everything on the positive side of Hip-Hop and R&B. It showcases new music and the most up-to-date news. My job at this blog is to cover fashion. I talk about street style as well as what celebrities are wearing, Not only am I a write but I am also a reader. I frequent this blog as often as I can and I enjoy what I see. I'm proud of this blog and the team although I only recently joined. If you are interested in what new on the hip-hop visit this blog. What I like most is that its not just another gossip blog. Far too many people make blogs now-a-days just to gossip and get a lot buzz. You can still have a quality blog without feeding in the hype and the negativity. That's what DefGlam is about.

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