Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Afro Punk Fest!

   I've posted about the Afro-Punk festival before and the long-awaited event has come and passed. All I can say is that it was beautiful. I have absolutely no complaints. The fest include live performances on two stages, a skate competition, a BMX competition, Food Trucks, an art wall,  a children's arts & crafts section, Thrift shops, and endless good vibes.
    On Saturday the headliner was miss Erykah Badu and on Sunday Janelle Monae performed. There were also great performances by TV on the radio, Gordon Voidwell, Das Racist, Phony ppl, and more. All the performance brought out a great  crowd and did not disappoint.

Here are some photos taken by Ali Esteem:

Janelle Monae

Afro-punk represents “The other Black Experience”. Being an individual. This was the 8th annual festival and my first time attending. It was AMAZING.  I was volunteering so I was working mostly both mornings but once it hit around 2pm I was just having fun with my friends. Imani, who was another volunteer; and Ali Esteem, who eventually met up with us(and took the photos). Aside from them I saw almost everyone I know. People from High school, Urban Word, Poetry events, and of course Tumblr. It was like Black tumblr: New York meet-up. There were so many beautiful people. The fashion was very important, everyone had on their perfect “music festival outfit”. I was extremely elated the whole weekend. Just being in an atmosphere with my best friend and other people I care about, people who understand, and having fun. This was end of the summer and a wonderful end at that.

Here are more photos courtesy of Afro-Punk's Facebook

Janelle Monae
Erykah Badu and special guest Yasiin Bey

band "The Skins"

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