Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Genie Locs!

   Genie Locs are basically yarn braids. Like box braids, but done with yarn. The style is meant to resemble dreadlocks or locs, hence the name Genie locs. I am in love with how I look right now. And I thank my good friend Melly B. Melly is a poet and co-founder of The Art Initiative, a poetry organization which hosts a series of open mics and slams; she also dabbles in hair styling and had no problem blessing me with some yarn braids. She even provided the yarn. She use two strands of yarn for braid and har technique was different than regular box braiding. Melly didn't braid the yarn very close to my scalp and she purposely braided them tightly so that they resemble locs as much as they can.

You can learn about how to do two strand yarn braids yourself from her tutorial:

Click here for a step by step how-to, Also brows her blog for more tutorials, experiences, opinions, and more Melly B.!

and Of course visit for more photos and videos of Yarn Braids and other styles!

1 comment:

NaturaLocs said...

I would never have guessed they were genie locs. I really like the look, the ysuite you very well. Interested to know how natural they'd look in other colours


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