Friday, December 21, 2012

Brooklyn Stories Semi-Finals

   25 poets went up against each other for the “Brooklyn Stories: Semi-finals,” a poetry slam competition that took place at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army plaza, on Monday, December 10.

 The “Brooklyn Stories” competition was created by Tony award winning poet Lemon Andersen along with teen poetry organization Urban Word NYC to give youth poets the opportunity to share their stories about the borough in front of a large audience. The winners will win the chance to work with Lemon Anderson to create their own one man/woman shows of their Brooklyn stories, to be performed live on-stage at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Here's recap of the whole event:

   The seven winners were announced the following week and they are: Kearah-Armonie(ME!), Briannah Hagger, London Grant, Malcolm Wicks, Francine Hendrickson, Darren Arthur, and Nykemah Warren. I know all of the other winners and can't wait to work with and perform with them in February.

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