Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Chris Wise!

    Chris Wise sees himself as a writer, an artist, a student, a teacher, and most of all an MC. One who has full control of his audience. “I do art,” Wise said. “Art is human expression”.
Wise believes that art is a form of self-expression and that it thrives when it communicates the truth. Art thrives when it shares stories, ideas, and feelings that are realistic and relatable. He feels he is a true artist as long as he shares his experience.

“As a conscious person, it’s my duty to elevate the consciousness of other people,” Wise said.

He uses the term conscious to describe his sense of self. Wise wants to affect the people who listen to his music, intellectually. To do this, his goal is to create a balance between education and entertainment. He remembers a quote said by record producer Clark Kent:
“It’s always going to be about the music, peace and love is cool but is your shit gonna bump?”

“People listen to the music for the music, the beat, the melody, and what makes them dance; not just the words or the message.” Wise said.

Wise’s biggest music influence are current upcoming artist such as Joey BadA$$, Dom Kennedy, and Curren$y. Curre$y has influenced Wise’s writing is that he does not think about rhyming.

“Just because it is a rap song does not mean it has to rhyme,” Wise said. “The artist should just tell their story.”

Wise hopes to make music that sells. He wants to make enough money to eat well, sleep well, travel, and to stay in his hometown, comfortably. “If it’s not forward, it’s backward,” Wise said. “Too late to be neutral.”

You can listen and download Chris Wise' EP "The Man" here:

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