Thursday, December 6, 2012

The "Friendzone" conundrum.

Men, boys, guys, fellas, etc. are always in control, when it comes to relationships.

That is why when a man sleeps around he's considerably a big shot and when a woman does the same thing she's considerably a hoe. When a man gets sexually involved with multiple women he is controlling several relationships, whereas if a woman is sexually involved with multiple men she is subjecting herself to multiple men.


 A lot of people don't realize that the "Friendzone" conundrum is strictly a male thing. I say male because I'm sure lions and tigers and bears do that shit too. When a man wants something he goes after it, even if that something is a human being with their own thoughts and feelings. While with most women, if we can't have the man we want, we don't want him at all. Or at least that's how I am because quite frankly I already have friends, none of which I want to have sex with.

 The only sad thing about the "Friendzone" conundrum is that it actually works. Men become "bestfriends" with the woman they want and remain that way for years. Eventually they ease their way in, becoming the closest person to that woman, and the woman falls in love with the man even though she didn't even blink twice at him when they first met.

 The analogy of men treating women like a vending machine that they can put nice coins in until sex falls out is literally the truest way I can explain this.

 Even on a smaller scale (I've been caught up too) where a guys approaches you and he's not a total creep so you talk to him and you give him your number just to be nice, then he calls every night having long conversations sounding oh-so concerned. Then about two weeks of this goes by, and one night he doesn't call you. So you decide to call him first because your nightly talks have already become routine. Next thing ya know YOU'RE calling him every night feeling like you need him and shit, though he wasn't even that cute to begin with. Just a month prior you had no idea who he was nor did you care. And now you're attached while he's off living his life.

 This is why romantic comedies ain't shit.

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