Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fruitvale Station

     Last night two of my closest friends and I went to the movies to see Fruitvale Station. Luckily, it is still playing. We went to a small movie theaters on 2nd avenue, Village East.

 Of course we were all familiar with the story of Oscar Grant and have been told how intense this film is by friends who have seen it in the past month. So many others have told us, and posted online, how strong of a film Fruitvale Station is and how much they cried after watching it. We were prepared to cry. We were already in Manhattan and arrived at the theater pretty quickly, it was very filled but we were surprised by the amount of people who came to see this movie, though it's been in theaters for over a month now.

     Well, the movie begins with Oscar lying in with his girlfriend/"baby momma" and then he picks up his cellphone and sends a text message. As he does this what is on his phone's screen(menu, contacts, etc) is shown in a little bubble on the movie screen(like a text/thought bubble). This happened throughout the whole film, which was an amazing detail. Though some may think it was just a special effect that would be used in a 2013 film , Oscar's cellphone was an important part of his life during that time and ultimately his death. He is often calling/texting his mother, his sister, his girlfriend, and his friends.

     When he is in the train station being harassed by the police he pulls his cellphone out and take photos/videos of the police and what they are doing; as does most of the train passengers/witnesses of the incident.

     Fruitvale Station was a very detailed and positive account of what truly happened. They didn't overly criminalize the police, they didn't criminalize Oscar nor put him in an extremely positive light, and there wasn't any part that was unnecessary. This film was all truth and that was all that was needed. I am very glad that Oscar's story was told in an effective way, I am glad that this shows an incident that happened recently. With films people often try to take themselves out of the story, but being that this is a true story that we can all identify with somehow it is so much more impactful.

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