Monday, September 30, 2013

Ian Curtis

      Control is a biopic about the punk band Joy Division, and Ian is the lead singer. Ian Curtis is shown to be a melancholy teenager who often keeps to himself, despite this Ian abruptly decides to marry his girlfriend at the time and still isolates himself in his own room in their home together. He is a big fan of David Bowie as well as The Sex Pistols. It is at a Sex Pistols concert where he speaks to a few friends who have formed a band and state that they need a lead singer. It seems that soon after Ian agrees to sing with them that he becomes who he truly is. The next scene shows Ian walking from his home to work, lighting a cigarette, and then the back of his jacket is revealed on which he painting the word “HATE” in large letters. Here:


 Overtime Ian asserted himself to get his band to appear on television, the band hired a manager, and the band Joy Divisions seemed to become famous very quickly. Despite his own depression, his marriage, and his struggle with epilepsy Ian still managed to, constantly record music, constantly write songs, and constantly perform shows.

One song of there's I feel represents Ian very much as well as the idea for the film is Isolation:

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