Monday, February 22, 2016

Watch Rihanna and Drake "Work" in their new video(s) !

     Just a few moments ago the internet nearly broke as the video was debuted for all eyes to see. Streaming on Tidal of course, the music video for Rihanna's most popular latest single happens to not a be a music video but TWO music videos. She hit us with the two in 1. Check it out:

    Personally, I prefer the 2nd video. It could be just technical reasons, in terms of editing and cutting to music. The song itself has an interesting beat, the tempo isn't very slow nor is it very sad, it may be difficult to dance to as well as to cut to. More than likely for video #1 they filmed all of these people in this club while playing multiple reggae songs, not just "Work", therefore while editing they had to slow down a lot of the footage that was captured. Also, the second video is just cute. What many may call pointless, is a level of intimacy that provides a more personal touch. Who doesn't want to chill at home with bae and wine up themselves?

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