Wednesday, March 2, 2016

They are still going through with the Nina Simone Biopic

     The one I posted about over 3 years ago, starring a light skinned Zoe Saldana in terrible make-up and an even more terrible wig. We have to call out the gallons of Cocoa from spear they put oaths young woman's body, this is black face. Controversy has been surrounding this film since production began. Most importantly the filmmakers do no have permission to tell Nina's story which is why production is so prolonged and on top of that they have Zoe Saldana looking extremely minstrel. The trailer has surfaced:

     The imagery looks beautiful, the recreation of certain scenes and looks is well executed. That is the only nice thing I can say.

     Duly noted there has been no permission given form Ms. Simone's estate to go through with this film which is why it is understandable that this filmily focuses on one story and that is Nina relationship with a man she payed to take care of her portrayed David Oyelowo, much later in her career. Her husband does not seem to be portrayed, nor her daughter. It is almost comical that Zoe Saldana went through with this being aware of the controversy surrounding it and having to be literally painted a darker color. It is nearly comical that nobody involved saw a problem with this. No problem at all with, instead of casting a dark skinned actress to portray a dark skinned woman, casting a light skinned actress and coloring her in. As if there are no dark skinned actresses. This film is definitely to be missed. Just don't watch it. Save your time and money.

   For Nina's story told right I suggest you watch academy award nominated "What Happened, Miss Simone?". Which I reviewed HERE.

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