Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chance 3 is HERE

     The long anticipated 3rd solo project from Chi-town's very own Chance The Rapper. He stole the heart of many just 3 years ago with his 2nd mixtape and breakthrough project "Acid Rap"(which I reviewed). Since Chance has seen greater success than any other independent artist, solely based on a mixtape, and has remained to work as an independent artist. No record label, No contract, in better terms His property is his property. Chance has also continued to bless us with free music. Though the release of Chance 3, actually titled "Coloring Book", prompted listeners to purchase apple music memberships(if they had not already done so after the release of "Views") in order to download the album, it was available to stream on his SoundCloud for a short time.

    This album is Acid Rap now grown up and sober, it is Surf's first cousin, the house Ultra Light Beam grew up in; It upbeat Hip-Hop Gospel. Coloring Book is fun and just as envelope pushing Chance has always been. This use of various instrumentation has always been present in The Rapper's work, and now the use of a choir backing the majority of his music is a useful tool. This tape is a great listen start to finish, but unfortunately falls short. It is beautiful but not as jaw-droppingly impressive as what grabbed our attentions from he beginning, Acid Rap. Acid Rap is possibly the greatest contemporary mixtape of our time. It did A LOT for Chance, and for Hip-Hop music and it is still a great listen start to finish. It is wonderful however to see his growth from 3 years ago to now, not just musically but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally through the music as well as the lyrics and message. Standout tracks include the intro(which ain't an intro but in fact and entree) "All We Got" featuring none other than KanYe West, followed by "No Problems" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, and my personal favorite, "Same Drugs". Give it a listen if you haven't already !

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