Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Womanism", the unnecessary alternative to Feminism

     As of late I've noticed women and femmes identifying as "Womanists" instead of "Feminists". Now, according to Wikipedia:
"Womanism is a social theory 
deeply rooted in the racial and 
gender-based oppression of Black women. "

    According to Chimanmanda Ngozi Adichie, author of "We Should All Be Feminists", :
"Feminist: the person who believes 
in the social Political, and economic 
equality of the sexes."

     With that said, there are known flaws in feminism, for centuries and even today. That is the neglect to acknowledge intersectionality. Yes, women are oppressed but Black people are oppressed as well and there are Black Women. Black Women are fighting for equality among sex/gender as well as among race. Women are oppressed, but people of the LGBTQA community are oppressed as well and there are Queer Women, fighting several fights. There are queer black women, who's identities all deserve to recognize. Over the years, the fight that is feminism has been more beneficial for White women. In school we learn about the women's suffrage movement and we learn about all of these historic white woman figures, but we are not taught that White Women had the right to vote decades before Black woman and other women of color. As of late the topic of White feminism has been in the media and constant discussion, t is feminism that does not represent all women and femmes in terms of race. That is where Womanism comes in. However, that is what feminism is supposed to be, there is no need for a new name, it is feminism. That's it.

     One main flaw with the title "womanist" is the term itself. Not all people who were born female and assigned the gender "girl" actually identify as women.

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