Thursday, July 28, 2016

That New SchoolBoy Q: BlankFace LP

    The most recent studio album from the West Coast Rapper has just been released a couple of weeks ago. He's giving us the gangsta gangsta gangsta, intense, dark feel he's given us a taste of before. However this mood is continuous throughout the album. He recounts the lifestyle he was forced to lead being involved with gang activity and being a drug dealer. Schoolboy Q listeners have heard this story before but this album is still refreshing, new, and reflective of the times though filled with reminiscing. 

 Musically, Q pushes the envelope yet stays within the mold he's created for himself. The dark feel of certain tracks on his previous album "Oxymorron" such as "The Purge" is prominent throughout Blank Face LP. It is scary, deep, and cryptic. I feel a heavy KanYe influence musically as well. Today's generation of Hip-Hop grew up on Mr. West. Q seems to pull inspiration from College Dropout and Late Registration with the use of sampling and certain instrumentation. Standout track include "Drug Dealer" featuring E-40 and the first single "That Part" featuring the GOAT himself, KanYe West. Overall, SchoolBoy's music is pushing Hip-Hop music forward.

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