Wednesday, September 28, 2016

About Donald Glover's Atlanta

    Writer, Actor, Comedian, and Hip-Hop artist also known as Childish Gambino; Donald Glover is a man of many talents, wittiness, and a charming coy personality. Gaining critical acclaim from hip-hop nerds and nerdy hip-hop heads alike for his first two albums Childish Gambino has almost seemed to become a larger icon than Donald Glover himself on the acting, writing and producing side of things but now after seeming to have gone into hiding Donald Glover is making art and making waves with his television show Atlanta, starring himself.

    Atlanta is a truthful representing of the Black experience as we follow our protagonist Ern, his battle with homelessness and a low paying job as well as his trying relationships with friends, family, and his baby momma. He has equal as much street as responsibility and seems to have a rep as being irresponsible. Ultimately he links up with a distant cousin who has just begun to blow up on their local rap scene as a way to get rich quick. He believes his cousin could make it big and he believes he can help. For the past 3 Tuesdays eyes have been glued to FX to see what happens next. Following suit of our favorite TV-MA drama Atlanta certainly brings the drama as well as suspense and of course brings the funny. What seems to be Glover's own sarcastic dry humor has definitely influence the dialogue and plot of Atlanta and has failed to disappoint when it comes to entertaining. Atlanta is hilarious and quite promising. As someone who does not watch TV, I've got my Fall show now.

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