Friday, September 9, 2016

That New Isaiah Rashad !

  TDE Rapper Isaiah Rashad has dropped that new-new many of us have been waiting for. Sun's Tirade is the name of the album. Rashad stays true to his raw style with some new sounds, a few skits, and great featured artists. The album is an entire experience as each track flows into each other with a similar slow vibe yet upbeat tempos. Rashad's rap has not changed yet elevated, offering a sound and flow very easy to sing along with and turn-up to. Overall this project is a solid body of work, you can check off all the boxes. Sun's Tirade is exceptional, especially in comparison to other rap albums released in 2016 so far. Stand out tracks include the trippiest love song "Silkk da Shocka" ft. Syd, "Stuck in the Mud" ft. SZA, "Park", and the most outstanding "Wat's Wrong" ft. Zacari and Kendrick Lamar. Musically "Wat's Wrong" gives listeners an old school West Coast vibe and King Kendrick did his job as, who most people call, the greatest out right now. Lamar's verse is the cherry on top of one of the most impressive tracks of 2016. Bars, punchlines, catchy hooks, storytelling, musicality, features; Sun's Tirade is a necessary cohesive project, and exactly what Hip-Hop music needs right now. I highly recommend it.

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