Friday, October 7, 2016

NPS highlights

     NPS being the National Poetry Slam, which takes place every summer around early August usually in a different city each year. Poetry Slam Inc. invites over 70 slam teams from all over the country to compete in a week long competition and ultimately there is one winner. I was a competing poet and this year we went to Decatur, Georgia. The team representing Baltimore took 1st place, San Diego 2nd, and The House Slam team from Boston took 3rd. The youtube channels dedicated to spoken word and slam poetry SlamFind, All Def poetry, and of course Poetry Slam Inc. were in the building to capture the greatness of almost 30 slam bouts throughout the duration of the tournament. Of course there are many poems that were not filmed and many that have not made it to YouTube, but here are some exceptional pieces that did.

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