Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This week's style post: Black Daria

     This is about as grungy as I get. Well I could maybe give more grudge but this is the most so far. All black every thing, new stockings(ribbed faux thigh high tights) and my fave doc martens. Look complete with one of those "vintage" tattoo chokers. You know me, #UOonYou; My whole look is brought to you by Urban Outfitters. Thought the shorts are apart of their renewal brand, and the top was a sale item earlier this year this simple outfit can be recreated. That store will probably never run out of the faux knee high stockings nor the choker, and the long silence and nice black top could be recreated with a number of men's t-shirt more than likely of the Feathers brand. I paired this with my fall jacket as shown in my last style post and was well prepared that high 60 degree weather.

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