Monday, January 3, 2011

I want to find my musical soul mate just like in Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist

   Nick and Norah's infinite playlist is a great movie. Norah realizes that the mix CD's Nick makes are all bands she loves and says to him "It's like you're my musical soul mate". I would love to find someone with the exact songs I have on my Ipod on theres. Which is a little too much to ask,lol. I have every Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, and The Jacksons song ever on my Ipod. I have Florence and the Machine as well as Jay-Z. I have the 3 Kanye albums as well as Jesse McCartney and Spongebob. Maybe I should shorten that to the same taste. So if they like conscious rap, R&B, and alternative They are my musical soul mate. But they HAVE to listen to MJ, Kanye, and Lady GaGa at least.
  I feel that the music one listens to is the easiest and truest ways to define one's personality. When you listen to the same genre's of music as someone else what you have in common is much deeper than a playlist.

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