Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Fine by Chris Brown is a great song...

      but you will never hear a man say that to you. “You’re better off with someone else”?! He’s probably saying that because He has someone else. Even if it’s true most men will never admit it. “God will find you someone much better than me” God? GOD?! Why do you have to bring God into this? Is that to sugar coat it and make everything okay? You think I’m just gonna smile, nod, and take you telling me this? I clearly want you. If I didn’t I would’ve been left.
      Personally I just wouldn’t buy it. Why would a man give up their woman that easily? Not saying that it's impossible its just too good to be true. I don't think anyone would say this. Man, woman, w/e. When people are in a relationship they don't want to give it up if they do they will. And I don't think they would say there's someone out there much better for you than I am. People have way to much pride for that, especially now-a-days.& You all Know Chris Brown would never say this (w/o having a woman on the side). unless he's to performing this song, lol.

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