Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girls fall to deep in love and blame men . . .

  Girls need to stop putting all the blame on boys, it's not his fault you fell! I was Facebook and a friend of mine (female) Posted:
"Dear guys: When you make a girl fall for you, either catch her or provide padding of explanation as to why not. Thanks for that consideration....."
    This is completely ridiculous. This statement classifies all men and situations. How is he supposed to know that he's your type? How is he supposed to know that his smile, his hair, his voice, his skin tone, etc. makes you swoon at the sight of him? How is he supposed to know that you're falling in love with him?? Because if he doesn't "catch you" the attraction is obviously only physical and nothing deeper. The only "explanation as to why not" can be "I didn't fall in love with you". Yes, I know guys lead girls on but not all guys. Unless you say hey "I'm madly in love with you" They won't know. And some guys just have that affect on people ;). But seriously statements like these show the woman who doesn't take responsibility for her own actions(especially when something goes wrong), the woman who will blame the nearest person and group of people, the woman who doesn't think before she speaks. This is not a personal attack, because I know too may people like this and it's wrong.

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