Friday, January 7, 2011

Strangers in public.

             One day on my way home from school I saw this girl wearing a floral print skirt and a juicy couture bag (typical) at the train station. I take 3 trains home, sometimes a bus and two trains. This was on the first train, She sat right next to me. I thought she was really pretty but weird. When I got off the train to transfer to my second train she stood right next to me. Like very close as if she were one of my friends .I must admit I got a little suspicious. Then the train came and she sat right next to me again. I assumed she was getting off at my stop because that is where a lot of people get off. She did, but before the train stopped I stood up to stand by the door while she stayed seated. She looked right at me. When I got off I walked pretty fast to like, lose her I guess but I turned around and she was getting on another train.
              Then I thought I was being creepily stalked but now I think maybe she needed a friend or someone to talk to. Maybe I looked like someone she could be friends with. I do see girls who look my age stare at me on the train and now I think this every time. Of course when guys stare at me I already know what they want, lol. I don't think will ever actually walk up to a stranger and start talking to them, thats just weird. But it is something to consider.

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Poppy said...

I feel the same way, I hate talking to strangers in public but on my recent trip to Colorado...a stranger talked to me at every airport & on every plane. I must say, it was quite pleasant..I met very interesting people. Now I talk to whoever looks like they want to talk lol.


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