Monday, March 21, 2011

Is there anything wrong with being a Go-go dancer?

     You know like girls who dance on stage or in cages at night clubs. Just today I was thinking I’d love to be one. I love to dance, I love to move my body to music so why not? It’s not stripping, It’s not prostitution, I’d just do it for fun. What better part time job could you ask for? I’d do it while I’m getting my masters. By then I’ll be 21. It’ll be at night so I could take day classes and I’ll have money. Then when I’m done with my schooling I’ll go into my career as a teacher. But today I said to my mom “I wanna be a go-go dancer” and she hit me with the remote -__-. I told her I was serious and she hit me again. Then she was all like “You’re better than that ! You don’t have to resort to that!” Like I told her I wanted to be a drug dealer or something. I didn’t even think it was such a big deal to her. I still think it’ll be really cool to be a go-go dancer and I still want to be one. What do you guys think?

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Poppy said...

I wanted to be a go-go dancer too, I still kind of do. I told my mom & she said its only one step up from a stripper...which is true. Because you do have to be in your underwear & deal with creepers. It's something you have to decide for yourself & figure out if you will be comfortable doing it. It is easy money though. I decided not to do it because I want to be an example to other girls & let them know you don't have to be half naked to make money.


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