Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sex doesn't have to sell everything

"Sex sells" is a term everyone is familiar with.  Companies use sex appeal to sell products. Now I understand when it's selling lotion or lingerie, or anything related to the body/sex. But now every company is jumping on the band wagon. For instance pine-sol. Pine sol is a well know cleaning solution for cleaning floors that has been around for a long time. Everyone is familiar with the woman in all the pine-sol commercials who says "That's the power of pine-sol baby". Who I think has been in all the commercials since the beginning of time!. Here's and older ad:
    As you can see she looks very masculine and athletic in this ad. She is showing how strong pine-sol really is. Which makes perfect sense. But now here is a more recent ad:
   As you can see here she is much more glamorous. She is supine(laying on her back) her hair is done beautifully, her nails are done, and she has gallons of make-up on. This is just one of the ads in the ad campaign in which all of the ads use some sort of sex appeal. I first saw the commercial about a year ago and she was laying in bed while a (sexy) shirtless man was moping the floor. Now I don't know what he was about to do afterwards but there was some sort of implication. In my opinion the people behind the advertising for pine-sol are just tying to keep up with the times.

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Poppy said...

Wow I haven't seen the new ads yet. There is no need to sex up pine-sol or any other cleaning products! I've seen some commercials now where the voice over is talking really sexy about napkins or something random. Also, why are M&Ms sexy?? lol


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