Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A black girl thinks: Community college should be free

          We are all paying for an education that isn't going to get us far unless we go on to get Bachelor degrees. Which requires us to spend more money. But if you are not eligible to be accepted into any 4 year colleges, you need to get an associates. In this day in age there are very few jobs that will hire someone with just a high school diploma or GED. Everyone needs at least an associates degree. It should be made as common and simple as getting a high school diploma. There are already students who don't have any intentions of going further than an associates degree, as well as many students using community college as their starting point. It should be made easier for them, for us. An associates degree is not the equivalent to a bachelors and not too much better than a high school diploma/GED, so why must we pay for these classes? Making community colleges free will help each and every community and society as a whole. For more people will be getting higher education, more people will be working, and that will lower that poverty rate for our nation.

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